Wedding Woes

I’m going to be completely honest with all of you.

I’m a bit afraid to start planning our wedding, it’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve resisted planning for a few months… and why whenever someone asks if we’ve started or have a date I give a sigh, try not to roll my eyes and say, “no.”

Wedding Woes - the bee life
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I’m sure you’re asking yourself, why? She should be so excited to plan her wedding and everything that comes with it!

Yes, I am. But I am also very afraid of everything that is going to come along with it, and I blame everyone else whose gotten married or is getting married, especially my friends and family – you’ve all scared me poop-less!

To keep it simple, here are all of the reasons why:

  • I don’t want to be a traditional bride; I don’t want a bridal shower, I could care less about a bachelorette party, and I would prefer to forgo the whole wedding reception thing and just elope. But I can’t. (Now you’re probably saying; so do it, it’s you’re wedding! But is it? I know I am going to get pressured into things, because other people want that for me.)
  • I don’t want to end up hating my (future) family. With my non-traditional ways, I am sure I will piss of a few people or unintentionally hurt some feelings – but I really want to live up to the saying; “It’s my/our wedding.” Although, I already know there will be some compromise.
  • It’s just SO much money… for one day. I just want a killer dress.
  • Everyone has an opinion, and wants to share it. I have one too. *smiles*
  • If B and I do get our way for our wedding, we will end up making a lot of people mad – because they won’t understand that it’s about us and not about them.
  • Either way, I don’t think there is a way to avoid hurt feelings or drama.

Not to mention, I’ve been to, two bridal showers so far this year, and each of them have had drama; hurt feelings, tears, and stress (at least behind the scenes).  And in between all of that and the planning more drama, petty family crap, that I frankly don’t want to deal with. I cut out the drama in my life a long time ago and have since kept it to a minimum. At a time in my life that is supposed to be so happy, I don’t want to remember so-and-so didn’t come because they had hurt feelings.

And if I give into the pressures, I know I will still end up loving my wedding and having a great time, only because I’ll have B by my side… but I can’t help but cringe in fear every time someone mentions my bridal shower, or bachelorette party or the rehearsal dinner and just think to myself – umm I don’t want one!

I know, poor me. But seriously guys, I need some help, especially before I get started!! Any advice? Tips? Experiences from when you planned your wedding? How did you overcome some of the stereotype traditions, or not?  Is it worth it?

Many love and thanks in advance!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Woes

  1. I totally get ya. The preparation is overwhelming! But I know you well enough to point out you are so organized that the preparation will be VERY fun…. it’s fun to transform your inspirational ideas into amazing moments you all remember….”remember when?… from funny to dramatic to wondrous…. it’s fun to see your favorite friends and family light up as they work hard to help you make your day and all the preparation days special memories for you. The planning is work and drama, but it’s also feeling close and getting excited together. And that one day of ceremony starts off your whole life together. We are all speechless as we watch the young bride walk up to her husband and they join together to become a family. It’s only “one day”, so you don’t have to worry about perfection or pleasing or drama or work. My advice is enjoy the whole experience of becoming a family. Planning your wedding helps prepares you for the real thing!

    1. Love looking at it as our journey of becoming a family, it helps put things into perspective! Thank you for the kind words and sweet reminder!!

  2. Wedding planning is the worst! My advice…make it want YOU want. Don’t let anyone pressure you into making your day into their day. If it hurts their feelings, oh well…no matter how close of a family member or friend they are to you. Also, spend more money on the honeymoon! That’s where the real fun is 😉

    1. Everyone seems to say after their weddings they wished they had done a destination, or a smaller wedding or this that and the other! (Which is kind of what we are leaning towards!) Thanks for the advice, I am trying to game face for the hurt feelings ahead of time! #familydrama – and definitely wanting to splurge on the honeymoon!! 🙂

    1. Thank you!! That makes me feel inspired! I love it. (Also love your blog, look forward to reading up, thanks for the follow)

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