Latest Obsessions 06.17

Happy Friday!  Here are my latest obsessions for the month of June, a hodgepodge of personal and some new music faves for you to try!

Latest Obsessions 06.17 - the bee life

Our Patio.  Full disclosure, this was a project that B wanted done 10x more than I did (full reveal to be posted next week!), but I am so glad we did it. It’s like night and day, and we spend so much time out there. I can’t wait for more summer nights with friends, grilling out, plenty of laughs and drinks to go around! Not to mention, Moz loves it too.

Working Out. Yes. I’m finally there, pushing myself and making myself get out of bed when I really wanted to sleep in (like this morning) and on those hot summer days after work.  It’s that making that decision to say yes, and do it versus saying no and regretting. Our wedding countdown is getting shorter and shorter, and I still have big goals to hit – so I need to keep conquering them all!

Witness. Katy Perry’s newest CD officially hit the stores 2-weeks ago, and since I got concert tickets for her upcoming tour, Katy sent CD’s straight to my door!  This has been my new jam in the car, my favorite songs are Hey Hey Hey, Roulette and Swish Swish.   Also if you’re looking for some good music my two go-to playlists on Spotify are “Today’s Top Hits” and “Cardio

Share what you’ve been obsessing over in the comments below! I want to know!!

Fitness Friday no. 11

Okay, so I must admit, since the last Fitness Friday – when I was sharing my ongoing struggle of balancing, life, work and workout life, and my new goal of trying to focus a week at a time, I have come back with a vengeance!

Focusing one week at a time has been SO helpful.  The weekend before March 28th, I told myself that Monday, March 28th I was going to start my super expensive, boot camp classes that I got for Christmas.  Here is the kicker – the class times are a bit tricky for me, I either have to wake up early, leave work a bit early, or go super late and I can only go Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  Not to mention, I had everything packed and ready for my first class… except my sneakers. I was so mad, but also determined that it wouldn’t let that stop me! In a panic and on a limb I reached out to my girlfriends at work, luckily one had a pair in her car and was my size. (Thanks, A!) Fitness Friday 11 - the bee lifeSo after overcoming my first day obstacles, and making it to the class (and nearly throwing up) I looked at my scheduled and made it happen the rest of the week, whether it was after work or before I actually got my butt out of bed! Woo-hoo! So needless to say, the classes have been kicking my butt – but it feels great to be in a routine again and really working at it… I just need to start adding in a little more cardio to supplement.

Although my classes are strength, circuit training, they do include some cardio, however not as much as a full 40-minutes on the elliptical or a long run.  Adding in some extra days of sweat and burned calories is what I need to start doing in order to crank everything into gear. Now that I’ve got 2-solid weeks under my belt, I am going to try and start adding in a little extra in my in between days, but still focus one-week at a time.

Here are some suggestions on finding focus and balance in your workout routine:

Pick Strength Days: Don’t try and fit everything into one day, you’ll get burned out and the workouts won’t be as strong or impactful. I am considering my boot camp days my strength days, Monday,  Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays.  Planning and focusing on my strength time in my 1-hour classes allows me to help focus and dominate the workouts while not getting overly fatigued.

Pick Cardio Days: Find days to contribute to cardio, I am a firm believer in ‘rest days’ so I don’t need to workout 7-days a week, but adding in two-days of cardio for at least 30-minutes will help me pick up and get to my goals. It’ll also add to the current workouts I’m accomplishing in my strength days.

Plan Ahead, Make It Happen:  It gets as granular as setting out your work-outs clothes the night before.  Having these ready to go in the morning eliminates slacking, and putting off getting ready and out the door. I’ve also been blocking my calendar to accommodate for my workouts and planning to see when I can make the next one happen. If you don’t make it happen, be sure to have a Plan B – but also remember that your Plan B is your last chance, there is no skipping that!

Feed the Addiction: After you’ve gotten into a routine, whether it be two weeks or ten, you are going to start loving how you feel (because I sure do). So feed into it, and keep going, don’t stop even if obstacles come!! I look forward to getting to my workout and challenging myself and I want more, and I want to see more results.

Happy Friday!! Have any of you focused one-week at a time?

The First 30

In order to be successful with goals, it’s important to reflect and have normal check-in’s on your progress, this way we aren’t 4-months in and look back to realize we’ve completely lost sight of major goals and progress!

Goals - the bee life

Here’s a look back at my 30-day focus:

1. Limit the times we eat (dinners) out: I’d say we were very successful in this area. As far as the weekends go, we only broke twice and one was because we were with friends. As far as lunches go, I also did pretty well, I only grabbed lunch a handful of times and most of those were salads I made myself. I not only noticed a huge difference in energy and feeling better but also my wallet! We are definitely keeping this up!

With this came more consciousness of better eating and prep for all of my meals throughout the week.

2. Do Barre 5-times a week: 5x was a little ambitious. Three was my sweet spot over these last 30-days, and I’m happy about that. I got into a groove and looked forward to doing it either over lunch or after work.  Which is progress in and of itself! I’m going to keep this up, and stick to at least 3-days a week! I love the progress and how I’ve felt.

3. Walk Moz on the weekends: This is a win-win, exercise for me and Moz! This was a success, out of the 10 days of weekends, we had 7 walks. From snowy walks to 4o-degrees and sunny, just your typical Midwest winter.

4. No sweets: I think “no” should’ve been “limited” – this was pretty successful, I was tempted a few times to buy some cookies or chocolate for B and I after dinner but resisted, instead a few chocolate chips after dinner filled the void, if there really was a sweet tooth. But generally there wasn’t!

5. Limited alcohol intake: I’d say this was a success. If I had a drink during the week, I kept it to one. And if I did over the weekend I definitely didn’t over indulge. Being mindful of how much we consume is better than not having any gauge at all.

These past 30-days have been a manageable focus; and it’s been so important and helpful for me to get back into a groove.

So what have I learned? I learned that this is just the beginning and I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I’m happy with my progress, but I know I can step up the game and still have a long way to go into maintaining this healthier lifestyle. I’m going to maintain these focuses (and try to add a few more), but most importantly reflecting and centering around 30-days at a time.

Here’s to the first 30-days of change and progress and here’s to the next!


Fitness Friday no. 6

We are 29 days into the new year and if you’ve joined along, 29 days into our first 30-day focus.  My focus items included, limit times we eat out, do barre 5-days a week, walk Moz on the weekends, no sweets, and limit alcohol intake.

So how did I do? You’ll have to wait and see… Monday I will give my full 30-day run down, but until then, we still have a few days to finish strong and start looking ahead at the upcoming 30-days and some more fitness tips to help you (and me) succeed!

Fitness Friday 06 - the bee life -

    1. Treat Yourself – Regardless of how ‘successful’ you consider yourself to be these last 29 days, the fact that you tried and accomplished feats is something to be proud of! It’s OK to treat yourself, whether that’s having some of your favorite ice cream, buying a venti at Starbucks, or splurging on some wine and chocolate. If we deprive ourselves too much for too long, we might end up over indulging in a moment of weakness.  It’s easy to focus on the negative, we need to reflect and acknowledge more of the positive!
    2. Pump Up the Volume – With music! Take some time to make sure you have an awesome playlist for your workouts, this will keep you motivated from the start of your workout to the finish, not to mention a few dance moves in between sets or while you’re on a run.
    3. Prioritize Goals –  One of the perks of focusing on 30-days, is the focus! It’s also a time to prioritize your goals.  Is one of your goals, to be consistent with workouts, week after week? And another to loose weight? And another eat better?  If you’re like me and have endless amounts of goals, start small and prioritize – in order to accomplish X I need to do Y first… aka in order to loose weight, I need to maintain working out week after week, so that is my first focus goal. The rest will fall into place.
    4. Be Practical – Just like prioritizing goals, be practical in what you’re asking yourself to accomplish.  Are you jamming too much in and it’s resulting you to not succeed? It’s OK if you can only workout 2-nights a week and the rest has to wait for the weekend. I am realizing that right now, running has to wait for the weekends and I can focus on Barre and strength during the week given the time I have.  I’ve even come to realize that 30 or 40-minutes is better than nothing – so although it isn’t to the standards I’d prefer or would like, I need to make strides in the right direction.

    Here’s to finishing the first 30-days strong!

    Fitness Friday

    This week’s Fitness Friday is all about partners. When you’re in need of some motivation, having someone there to encourage and push you is sometimes the best solution.

    Fitness Friday – The Bee Life


    1. Join a Group Class – I was always nervous to join group classes, it was intimidating to walk into a class where there was groups of girls or the regulars who knew everyone and what to expect.  I got over that quickly, because I loved my instructors and the motivation they gave to me, not to mention they helped me refine my technique.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over the nervousness or intimidation walking into a new place, but having tested the waters with a few different class types (spinning, boot camp, etc.) I’m a little more prepared and excited to have someone tell me exactly what to do!

    2. Find a Running Buddy – Whether it’s a spouse, coworker, or friend, find someone who will want to stay on track as much as you do. I tend to run better because we push each other to run a little farther or faster when we’re slowing down. This is especially helpful when you’re running in a race.

    3. Regular Check-In’s – In the same vein as finding a running buddy, having someone to have somewhat regular check-in’s, will help hold you accountable and encourage you to get that workout in you might be more inclined to skip for one reason or the other.  Being honest is the most important part if you want to have success.

    4. Find Inspiration on Social – You may be surprised by how many free workouts and free motivation are available right on your Instagram feed.  Short videos show workouts for you to replicate at home in a comfortable setting and quotes can inspire you to kick butt on your workout that day. Here are a few of my favorites:
    @alexajeanfitness – short workout videos and her healthy lifestyle
    @harnesscycle – a local spot that sends out sweet motivation
    @nickhounslow – a stud as seen on E!s Hollywood Cycle;

    If you don’t have a strong support system, whether it’s at your gym or fitness class or at home or friends – it’s important to try and find some.  The more motivation you have and people checking in on you the more likely you’ll be to finish the workout.



    2 months in

    What’s that saying? Something like…

    “It takes 21 days to form a habit and one day to break it”

    … Well it’s been nearly 2-months (30 days) since I got back into my workout routine, and although I am still not 100% where I want to be as far as frequency I am gaining traction! With work and my new circuit/interval training classes the availability and class times is something I have been needing to adapt too. I have been making 5:30am classes work, well sort of, it’s been easier when my aunts carpool with me, but when I am driving myself that internal mind-game of just getting out of bed is hard.  The thing is, once I am up and at the class, I am totally fine! It’s just getting my butt out of my warm snuggled self out of bed that is the struggle. It’s such a mind game. I am shooting for 3-days during the work week in the mornings and then a nice Saturday late morning class, still need to get those 3 early mornings down. I get stuck at one or two.

    The positive side is that I have been seeing results, not to mention with Lent – I have given up some sweet temptations which are definitely tying into my results. No Starbucks, no beer, no sweets. I’ve surprisingly held to my guns the last 3-weeks, everything is dialed down significantly.  I’ve been eating better all around, smaller portions, trying not to eat out as much, lots of kale salads and fruits, limited, to no coffee and extra water and tea! I also haven’t been buying sweet treats from Starbucks with my morning coffee or a cookie to bring home for after dinner with B.

    As soon as you start seeing results, everything becomes addicting. I am already getting that insatiable crave back that I used to have that drives me back every time and pushes me through the long run or the workout harder than the time before, and it’s awesome.

    Image taken Monday at 5:30am Boot Camp (I am far left with pink sneaks!)

    Here’s to staying motivated!