Weekend Roundup – March

Well, when I was planning out my March content this post was going to be a fun one to write and jammed packed! Here is everything that we had planned and promptly was cancelled week after week, after week, thanks to the pandemic. Obviously, I am not the only one that has had a lot of cancelled plans/trips/life moments — but I was trying to overcome my turning 30 anxiety by doing as much fun stuff as possible. But in all honesty the perspective of this pandemic as I mentioned in my birthday reflections (it’s a good read) quickly changed the 30 anxiety into a much different perspective and reality — I mean it doesn’t even feel like I actually turned 30 ūüėĚ.
MarchRoundUp(3)-beelifeblogOur Cancelled Plans:

  • Trip to Philadelphia for the actual birthday
  • Spa Day + Dinner with Friends
  • Jesus Christ Superstar Broadway Play
  • Parents Coming into Town for Birthday Celebrations
  • A hair cut
  • Cancelled Birthday Cake

So yes, there was a lot of fun and celebrating that was going to be had, between my birthday and then my Dad’s retirement we were going to have a lot of fun especially this last weekend! BUT, even though we had a few more quieter weekends than anticipated, we still had a lot of fun and made the most out of everything — especially my birthday weekend.

My Birthday Weekend. With our Philly trip cancelled, I decided to partake in all of my favorite things I love doing at home. This included getting a final workout in at the gym, sipping on some coffee and getting spoiled with fun surprise deliveries throughout the weekend which included champagne ūüćĺ, flowers ūüíź, and a coffee ‚ėē gift card from one of our favorite spots Brewellas. Saturday night for dinner we headed to our favorite dinner spot – Georgetown, mainly because they have all night happy hour on Saturday and a tasty menu paired with delicious drinks. We overindulged and then headed home for more drinks, card games and music.
MarchRoundUp(2)-beelifeblogSunday we woke up and headed to volunteer and walk dogs at the local dog shelter we volunteer at. We then made sure Moz got out for her walk too before relaxing and heading over to an incredible impromptu birthday dinner at my aunts. They prepared Lobster tail, scallops, filet and a sweet potato dish — oh my gosh. The food was incredible. We finished the evening with my very own ‘Corona Pie’ which was pretty tasty and garnished with my favorite cake candies.

My actual birthday was on a Monday, so I took that off work and just enjoyed my day. We started my first day in my 30’s with a grocery trip, because the apocalypse was coming and March 16th is basically the day the world stopped – at least in Ohio. The first day of no school, remote working, gyms closed, masses cancelled, restaurants and bars closed… it was like a screeching halt. Luckily, I was still able to grab my free Starbucks coffee, to-go of course, before heading home and hanging out. I got a workout in and even took Moz to the park to soak in some of my favorite city views.
MarchRoundUp(1)-beelifeblogOther March Highlights. We’ve been cranking on house projects, one of which was our fireplace hearth makeover and another which I’ll be sharing here soon as we just wrapped it up this past weekend and did all the finishing touches. Moz has also gotten more walks this past month then she has in a long time, it’s been nice to get her fresh air and out catching all those smells. I did get to see my girlfriends at the beginning of the month — which was good to get that in, since they have littles and it might be awhile before we’re all together again.

I feel like I’m a broken record but it’s really important that we continue to focus on the positive — if you’re upset about the seven things that just got cancelled, find seven positives out of those negatives. Write them down, even. Remember to keep your routine, stay active, get outside, eat well and stay in touch with all your peoples. This will be temporary in the grand scheme of life and there is plenty to be thankful for ūüíõ.

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Weekend Recap – Family Wedding

This past weekend was full of family as we celebrated my cousin Tim’s wedding to his long time girlfriend, Morgan! So here is a quick recap of the weekends events.

Friday, we both took a half day in hopes that we could head out mid-afternoon and get down to Columbus early evening… but I had a little too much on my to-do list before that happened. Running around making stops, getting an oil change in, and then forgetting about our call with a wedding planner that I was expecting to have while we were already in the car, pushed back our leave time by about 2-hours, oops! We dropped Moz over to our neighbors, and then finally hit the road and got into Columbus a little after 7pm.

Dinner reservations were at 8:30pm, whenever my family has a weekend of any sort together (especially weddings) it is ALWAYS jammed packed with family dinners, activities, workouts, you name it. So we headed to Bravo! Cucina Italian – my first time there, andddd I know it’s a chain, but I wasn’t impressed at all. Service was slow and the food wasn’t that great. Which only led me to snack on Doritos later in the evening. *smiles* After dinner was over, some people went to the casino and others headed back to the hotel. ¬†We stopped and grabbed some adult beverages to hang out at the hotel with my parents, Nate and Kiera.

Saturday morning we slept in until 9:30!! We haven’t slept in, in so long, it was so amazing! We got up and headed to Starbucks and then came back to workout and hang with the family. The hotel had a basketball court so everyone was hanging out between there and the pool while I sweated through a 45-minute boot camp workout, luckily my cousin Niki joined halfway through! From there we headed to lunch at First Watch, yum! (Avocado toast for days, please and thanks.) By the time we got back after lunch it wasn’t long before we had to start getting ready for the wedding.

The ceremony; was so nice and the vows were beyond sweet. Tim and Morgan have been together for nearly 11-years, not to mention living long distance, so this has been a long time coming. My cousin Tim is a bit more reserved than the rest of us, so it was so awesome seeing him pull out his handmade scroll with his vows and reading them with so much love and truth in what he was saying.  After they said their vows, and kissed the rest of the night was about celebrating!

The reception was at La Scala Restaurant, which had a back room for the reception area and was the perfect size to accommodate everyone. The staff was great catering to everyone and we had our own private bar in the back which worked out perfectly too! Although it took some tweaking for¬†the mixed drinks,¬†since I’d like to say my family is a bunch of alcohol snobs, it would’ve been easier if we could just get behind the bar, ha! The dinner was served family style, which I really liked. It was a mix of lasagna, two types of chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes, with salad and bread as the starter. Yum!

Once the dancing finally started, the rest of the night was toast (unless a country song came on, then the dance floor was nearly cleared out, yet the DJ still insisted on playing his set-list). ¬†Everyone tore up the dance floor and definitely got a second workout in. I think B danced the most out of all the weddings we’ve been too together, it was so much fun! Of course, there were a few breaks for shots – although we had to order them in the main restaurant, so it was funny to see the bartender mix up 25-lemon drops and a rowdy crowd come into the main area demanding shots.

It was a great time,¬† and family drama was at a fair minimum, minus a few situations¬†which I am currently ignoring for the time being. *smiles* You could tell how happy Tim and Morgan were and how excited they were for their big day and¬†commitment to each other. They’re truly just a sweet couple. It’s always a great party when we are welcoming another person into our family, needless to say everyone was hurting the next day.

We had a family brunch Sunday morning so everyone could see each other one last time before we all went our separate ways, a family tradition for wedding weekends. B and I were back home by 12:30 and got our little pune baby back (Moz). She was exhausted from her weekend with her friend Maybel! We were exhausted too, so it was a lazy afternoon.

Cheers to another beautiful wedding and fun weekend!


So this weekend started out relatively uneventful and turned into one to remember. Saturday morning I treated myself to a spa day for my birthday, and it was literally just about half the day (much longer than I had anticipated) – I got a facial, massage, mani/pedi, and my make-up done! ¬†Relaxed as much as I could after I got home before we had to head out for B’s brother’s surprise party (nearly an hour away).

We get to the party, caught-up with family and friends, who hadn’t seen us since the engagement and the surprise was definitely a success. But all night, a few of us were constantly fixated on this dog that was outside barking – a few people had tried to call him over, but to no success, he was scared with his tail between his legs would run off and keep barking. As the night went on, he was still hanging around – just barking the whole time! Finally, it became my mission to see if he would warm up to me, it probably took a good 30-40 minutes of me sitting out there coaxing him with hamburger buns. FINALLY he came up and smelled my shoe and licked my hand, then he stuck around a little more and eventually ate out of my hand. I got to the point where I could pet him and stand up and move around him without him flinching or running away, yes! He was sweet, and was just hungry and wanted some belly scratches.

The bartender at the event was going to take him home, so I felt like I had helped to ‘break’ him a little for whenever it came the time for her. Although I wanted to double check before we left – she had called her dad and couldn’t bring him home. I immediately became (even more) heart broken, as he was laying next to me outside in the cold, shivering but just loving his belly rubs.

We took him home.
I immediately said to B, what did we get ourselves into?  He kindly reminded me that this was all me. So we are trying to find his home (if he has one).

He is breaking my heart though, because I know he is just so happy to be warm, fed, have water and have some love -but he is so skinny.  I seriously just cry whenever I see how much love and support people have been sharing the posts and trying to find his home. And I cry when I just realize he is happy but then look and see how skinny he is.

I hope his owners turn up! He is a sweet boy, appears to be house trained and seems to have energy and still pretty young. This being the first time I’ve ever done this, I’m not sure what to do! But I knew we couldn’t leave him outside again.

Please send positive thoughts this week that we get Hank back home.

Weekend Update – Engaged!

This past weekend was an exciting one, definitely one that won’t be forgotten as it was full of celebrating B and I’s engagement! He popped the question on Thursday and caught me completely off guard – which was his main goal, success!!

Engaged! - the bee life

Of course I’ve always imagined getting proposed to by B and being¬†engaged, but at the same time it always seemed so far away! So until it happened, I was totally caught off guard not only when and how, but for all the follow-up afterwards…. here are¬†some things I learned¬†from my experience;

1. It’s not official until it’s Facebook official (we waited a few days before “officially” posting)
2. Everyone loves a good engagement story (and everyone wants to hear how it happened)
3. Everyone wants to tell everyone else
4. I couldn’t sleep worth a damn for 2 nights, I like to compare it¬†to¬†the Christmas morning jitters! (drafted this at 3am on one of the said nights)
5. Everyone has an opinion (about all the wedding planning you haven’t done yet)
6. I wish I would’ve printed a story of the engagement to hand out to people – it was fun telling the first 10 times…
7. It’s officially acceptable to starting looking at wedding stuff (unhide the Pinterest board) !!!!
8. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t like attention (especially at work) until I received it – yes I am beyond excited about it but there doesn’t need to be a million announcements about it! Although it’s nice that everyone is so excited for us (thank you everyone!)

For the record, we don’t have a date, we aren’t starting to plan at least for 3… 4 months? I just want to enjoy this time with B! ¬†Oh, and we aren’t having babies anytime soon.


Weekend Update

Happy Last Monday of February!!

I know not all of you are lucky enough to live in the Midwest, but this past month has been freezing cold with snow-filled weekends! Living in a 100-year old house, and negative degree temperatures for consistent days in a row means frozen pipes.¬† Luckily(?) our frozen pipes are isolated and only in our kitchen, each time they freeze we learn something new… so long story short one of the fixes was putting in a new faucet.¬† B and I are now trained plumbers, thank you very much! Teasing, but we did it all by ourselves and it’s such a change physically along with hopefully helping the pipe freezing problem (we can now run cold and hot water at the same time) … and that was only Friday night!

Saturday morning I helped my aunts out while they went out of town and went over to feed their girls, Opa! the puggle and Maya, the black lab, also meaning Moz got to play with her cousins!  Of course Saturday morning was a mini blizzard, nonstop fluffy snowflakes falling and terrible, not plowed roads, so shoveling was a necessity. With bad roads and the beautiful snow fall, a relaxing day at home doing some little projects was the plan! Followed by a night-in, our own little happy hour with a cheese board paired with some Manhattans. And we topped the night off with DiGiorno pizza and a movie. We watched Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, it was actually pretty very funny!

Sunday was productive and relaxing as well (well sort of).¬† Breakfast and coffee and some Millionaire Matchmaker in the morning, followed by Church, the gym and some shopping/errands (which of course went longer than expected).¬† Home to relax for a bit and do a few more little projects (can’t wait to share these soon!) before dinner with the aunts and of course, more snow!

It was a very nice weekend, it wasn’t over complicated with endless trips or errands, it was productive and relaxing all at the same time.¬† Hoping to have a few more of these in the future! Hope you are all staying warm, wherever you may be.