Happy Vday!

valentines-2017-the-bee-lifeI wanted to share some extra love today in honor of Valentine’s Day! I have always had a love/hate with this holiday, it always seemed to vary on if I was hating men that year or was head-over heels with someone. Now, that I’ve had a steady valentine for 6-years, I’ve come to still love it but not feel overly sentimental about it. There are so many other days and ways that I would rather focus and share my love with my forever valentine (in addition to day). Yes, it’s a commercialized holiday, but it’s also a day we don’t need to stress about, what we do need to do is share some extra love to those people around us, strangers too, share it with the people who might need it more than you!  Whether you’re in a relationship, just getting over a rough breakup, or going steady with your forever valentine – there is never too much love to be shared or go around.



Six Dates.

It’s that time of the year again, and I’m back to share some unique ideas to switch up your normal Valentine’s Day routine – whether your single or dating!
six-dates-valentines-the-bee-lifeOne: Take a cooking class! This seems to be a popular date idea as of late, but having done this it would definitely be a bit more fun with a larger group of friends!  Most places also allow you to BYOW; so be sure to plan ahead and bring something that pairs well with your dinner.  B and I took a sushi making class, which was really great and unique – because it’s something that we probably would’ve never tried on our own!

Two: Paint and sip wine classes are another fun way to relax, be creative and try something new. Plus you can make this a group activity with a bunch of girlfriends or couples. If you don’t want to keep the painting, it could be a great gift for your mom or another friend! It’s a great way to get out and socialize especially with these colder winter days.

Three: Dinner at home with friends, potluck style. Help decide on a menu as a group and then pick a dish to bring. Pair it with some games, good wine/beer and company and you’ve got a fun night that is still different and unique but takes the pressure off of the big day!

Four: Take a fitness class together! Sign-up for a spin class or find a boot camp and start the morning off strong.  This is another way that you can work with a friend/partner to get you motivated to conquer your new year resolutions together.  Not to mention you won’t feel as guilty enjoying chocolate covered strawberries and champagne later in the night!

Five: Volunteering and giving back is the perfect way to share and give love to people or animals who might not be as fortunate.  Some different ideas to look into around your area are; donating/sorting books for children, volunteering at a local animal shelter, collecting can-goods or serving hot meals at a shelter, visiting the sick/elderly, or donating clothes!

Six: Make something! Whether this be big or small, you could make Valentine’s cards for family/friends, paint wooden picture frames for the house or find your latest Pinterest Hack to make! Looking for some ideas? Check out my pinterest board: Bee Creative.

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, it might be harder to some of these specifically on the day, so get a jump start this weekend or the following! And last but not least, don’t forget to give a card to your honey, bestie, parents and friends!


Five Dates

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and although I’m not the biggest fan of this day (even though this will be #5 with B) – I love, love. So in honor of our 5th, here are some cute ways to spice it up, show some more love and rekindle those “just started dating” sparks.

Five Dates - the bee life - emilyboylan.com

Write a love letter. Like a really good, spilling your heart out, a page straight from a Nicolas Sparks novel, aching of the soul… down right awesome, love letter. Find inspiring poems or quotes from his/her favorite book and gush a little. A piece of paper and pen is all you need for this one.

Make Out. Like it’s the first time you did.

Go for a walk, hand in hand. I know February isn’t always the warmest, unless you’re on the west coast or a southern bell. But bundle up, go to a park, and walk hand in hand, even if it’s for 20-minutes – oh and put those phones away! Just the two of you and Mother Nature.

Play some games. Keep the electronics off, throw on some tunes and play a board game or two. Scrabble, monopoly, uno, or a little bit of war?! Have a little friendly competition over wine and candlelight.

Skip dinner. Instead of a big fancy <expensive> dinner, try breakfast or brunch instead! Whether it’s making it at home or heading to your favorite diner, heart shaped pancakes and mimosas? What could be sweeter than that?

What I love about these ideas is they really get down to the core of what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about, an extra day in the year, to spend dedicated time with the person we love. XO.