Happy Halloween – Throwback Ed.

In honor of Halloween, I wanted to share a few throwbacks from Halloween pasts.  Apparently I liked keeping my costumes simple – so I frequently did repeat costumes (more than I realized!) like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, I think it’s because I liked the ruby slippers so much!  I also recycled the 50’s poodle skirt girl in Pre-K and 3rd grade and then my Miss America costume was a hit in first grade and then repeated with an old prom dress my senior year of high school (not pictured!)

I’ve definitely had a few years that were not so hot and filled with extra chubby cheeks!  But the fun part for our Halloween costumes growing up is a lot of times we did the DIY route (before DIY was a thing) or found vintage clothes for the look.  Lately, the occasions for when B and I need to dress up for Halloween lately have been few and far between — but our last two decent costumes were Amy & Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and Jim and Pam from The Office but that was even 2-years ago!

Did you ever repeat a Halloween costume? I want to know if I’m the only one, comment below!

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Hello, March!

Hello again March, I’ve missed you – you’re lush optimism of spring and dedicated day to me, you’re one of my favorite months!

Since my birthday is in March I have always loved this month, even though for the mid-west the weather is not always the best, it has potential to be amazing! We’ve had March’s where it’s been 80 degrees on St. Patty’s Day, and then the next year will be a cool 30 with snow.  It’s just unpredictable.  And since I’ve stopped celebrating my actual birthday (don’t ask), it’s become simply an excuse to go out and eat cake.

To commemorate the first day of March, here are a few pictures from the years!

All of these pictures make me look like a lush! I promise, they were all birthday or St. Pat’s celebrations! See! That’s why March is so great, I get to celebrate with all my favorite people and have an excuse to get dressed up and drink more than usual.  It’s also great because I have an excuse to eat cake multiple times, and for breakfast! (Thank you, Kate Spade for making it acceptable to flaunt eating cake for breakfast, I should’ve trademarked it in 1990.)

Moral of the story, thank you March for giving me more legit excuses than the other 11 months of the year.

Here’s to you March, and all the future awesomeness!