Wednesday Reminders – Friends

One of the hardest parts of starting my new job, one-month in to the date, is not spending the entire day with my best friends. Yes, that’s right, one of the things I am most grateful for from my previous job (besides all of the experience) is the friendships I made. I truly think that was the greater purpose of me working there for the years that I did and starting when I did.
Wednesday Reminders - Friends - the bee lifeIf it weren’t for the amazing people I met,  life would be very different, my career would be very different.  Dramatic? No. These people have inspired me to dream bigger, work harder and fight for what I want.  They’ve also helped me laugh when I did not want to laugh, to take the lunch break to walk and gossip instead of stewing at my desk over an email. Sneak away for impromptu drinks “after work”, doggy play dates and team lunches.  They were my sounding board for life and professionally encouraging me to ask hard questions, dig deeper of myself and want more.

I was so hesitant to leave my job because I loved so many of the people I had gotten to know over three years and spent all my days with.  But I knew I had to make a change for me, and that they would still be up the street (literally).  I was also partially afraid that I would never see some of them again, other people I was close with have moved on or got new jobs and it just wasn’t the same. But since I left, not a whole lot has changed, lunch walks and coffee dates still happen, team lunches and happy hours, group texts and bitmoji’s and now even some snapchat fun.

We help inspire each other, learn and grow from each other, build each other up and laugh at each other, cry with each other and even borrow sneakers.  We help each other to try not to take life so seriously, give the hard truths when it’s needed and just listen to each other.

I have realized (especially) lately how lucky I am to have so many strong fierce women around me, (you all know who you are!) thank you!


Wednesday Reminders – Team

Team; is a commonly over-used word, often times in false context or without meaning.  I can say this because I’ve experienced it many times in my life, whether it be high school sports, a college group project, or in the office during my day job.  But on the flip side, I’ve been a part of awesome teams, or at least had awesome team members to show me what it’s really like to work together, collaborate, have each-others backs and accomplish something – it changes everything. team
The standard definition of a team is; “come together as a team to achieve a common goal” or “two or more people working together” – this definition, in my opinion, does not truly represent what it’s like to be on a team.

My definition of a team;

  • a trusted partnership with open collaboration
  • honesty
  • being able to call someone out on their shit
  • commitment
  • sharing thoughts, life moments, news with confidence
  • sacrifice
  • laughs when needed
  • undoubted support
  • not leaving someone behind
  • it’s pushing someone to be and do their best; even if it’s hard
  • accomplishing what you set-out to do

Beyond the football field or boardroom, your best team is at home; your family, spouse, significant other, best friend, sibling, pet… it’s those teams too that really prove the meaning of a team. B and I often like to remind each other, especially if we’re disagreeing about something that we’re a team and we need to figure this out together. It’s those times of honesty that really make you appreciate having that support and person in your life.

If you’ve never been a part of an awesome, strong team, keep holding out – it’s an amazing bond, a bond that I wish more people appreciated as much as I do. Working with people is instrumental in our lives in this generation, so why not make the most of it?

Teamwork is running 2-hours and not giving up on the other person, even when you both want to quit, it’s running across the finish line, together.