Latest Obsessions: For the Home 

HERE’S WHAT I have been obsessed with in and around the home, especially since our master is nearly completed.  These are the things I am constantly looking for whether it be in the store or buried in a photo album.

Old Photos: Since the inception of the gallery wall in our living room, and the idea of using old, black and white photographs, (from years long before I was ever born) I can’t help but want to find more! There are so many hidden gems stored away that I know I haven’t found yet.  The last time I was home I insisted my parents dig out their old photos… And there is was, these beautiful wedding pictures of my grandma B, pictures I’d never seen before, pictures that took my breathe away (one pictured below). I also need to dig around in B’s grandma Dee’s pictures. I love making copies and filling my frames with family and memories that make up our history.

Table Top Clocks: I am over the wall clock, practical and useful in some rooms (like the kitchen) but not so much in other rooms. I LOVE table top clocks, vintage or modern, gold or silver, I’m probably going to start hoarding them and put one in every room! I just stumbled upon these gems at Target, $9.99 each, I’ll take one of each, please!
01 | 02 | 03

Wooden Accents: With recent DIY projects, I find myself drawn more and more to custom wooden signs with hand crafted letters. I also love wooden frames that elevate the look and feel while tying in a natural element to the room and adding warmth. I have a specific DIY in mind to help finish off the gallery wall in our master, something similar below, only incorporating B and I’s initials or a special date or longitude/latitude.  There are also plenty of pieces like this found in stores, that have a custom, hand-drawn look for the not so crafty people!

What are you obsessing about lately when it comes to pieces in and around your home?

Target Love

As I have been price shopping around for the perfect pieces for our master bedroom, I keep coming back to one place over and over again – Target. Their prices, convenience and in my opinion quality (for the price) can’t be beat.  I am always down for a bargain – even though as much as I would love to shop at some of the higher end spots regularly like Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn or Anthropologie – there are many other things I like to enjoy with my money!  See if you can guess which of these is from Pottery Barn and which is from Target (don’t cheat!) – you might be surprised by a few…
Target vs. Pottery Barn
| 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08

How did you do?  These pieces are pretty similar and nearly identical, but the difference between price point is not even on the same level! Target is the clear winner when it comes to price, but I still love and dream about you Pottery Barn (and Crate & Barrel and Antrhopologie).  I also like to decorate or re-accessorize somewhat frequently, so spending more than I need to on pieces isn’t ideal – I am just lucky I have more rooms to move the ‘retirees’ to!

What’re your favorite ‘bargain’ spots?

Mums. Plaid. Boots. Pumpkins.

Ever since Wednesday, the beginning of Autumn, it’s now acceptable to decorate for fall! Here are some of the essentials for fall. And it comes down to the basics, Mums, Plaid, Boots and Pumpkins.

Beyond adding mums to your front foliage for a last bit of color on your porch- pull the colors of mums into your home to brighten the darker nights.  Sherwin-Williams’, ColorSnap app allows you to pull colors from any photo and find the same color, it’s amazing.  Use these as inspiration in DIY projects or painting your pumpkins!

Thanks to Target, Plaid is covering every other commercial accompanied by catchy songs we loved from our past. If you haven’t checked out Target’s Plaid section, please do – you’ll fall in love with at least one or five things. Promise. But instead of going overkill in everything plaid, here are some other ways to incorporate plaid in this fall without giving your house or wardrobe a complete makeover.

Plaid - Essentials
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Boots! As much as I love a good knee-high boot, I am really loving the bootie look for this fall – classic, easy to put on, and versatile with jeans, tights, and dresses!  Here are some of the boots I have my eye on this fall.  Of course, having a great pair of rain boots for those dark nights is key too.

Boots_Fall Essentials
01 | 02 | 03 | 04

Pumpkins! Of course, you can’t forget about pumpkins! One of the most important things when picking out your pumpkins is getting a variety of sizes, small pumpkins can be great around the house as accents or focal points in your centerpieces.  Larger pumpkins are great to serve as the supporting cast to your mums.  Creating wooden pumpkins for an easy DIY helps with cost year over year, and can allow for updates and custom pieces in your home, inside or out.

It’s hard not to love fall, it’s one, if not my favorite season for many reasons, but especially the ones above!

House Hunters – Bedroom Retreat

T-minus one week and 2-days until we get our house keys! Our dining room is slowly coming to life… the rug and chairs have arrived, plus we are having a custom table built that will end up being 8’x4′ – I can’t wait to see the finished product.

One of the other rooms that I have high hopes for…thanks to pinterest…. is our master bedroom.  We plan to turn our attic into our master retreat, which will have some logistical set backs (ie: heating and cooling) but the space is monstrous and has so many possibilities! Not to mention… two walk-in closets. I really want to go with a classic look with lots of neutrals and pops of color, the navy and white/grey color scheme is really catching my eye, it’s so timeless.

We will also have room for a seating area, that means fun chairs are a must! I love the chair below (04), plus they’re available in other colors. The pops of color will come into play with pillows, because let’s face it you can never have too many pillows, and other decorative accents throughout.  I also like the idea of having an upholstered headboard, it just gives a homey feeling… below is just a mess of ideas I’ve pulled together, definitely still a work in progress!

01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

Happy decorating!

House Hunters – Dining Room Design

Well it has been nearly 3-months since we began our house hunt, and we are happy to report that we got a house!  We probably also have the most lucky and unique story when it comes to our house. To give you the cliff notes version; we saw this house our second day looking at houses, B loved it – I was stuck on a house we lost. The house had an offer placed on the house, so we went back to look at the house and ended up placing an offer – we freaked out and pulled our offer. The house was gone – contingent with the other offer. A week or two later, the house was back on the market. Two weeks after that we went and looked at it again. Two weeks after that, we went back again with my contractor uncle and did a more technical walk-through (so in case your counting, we saw the same house 4x).  After that, we made a real offer, and after a bit of negotiations our offer was accepted!!

Now the fun part begins -decorating! Here are our plans for the dining room; I want a mix of patterns, modern and a classic look to tie into the bones of the house, (which will be 100 years in 2015)!  I am obsessed with the floral chairs (05) – I think these would look good  for the heads of the table. We are also looking into having our table made, so that is it a little more affordable – more details to come on that.

Dining Room Design
/ 02 / 03 / 04 / 05

While we wait to close on the house I have been doing plenty of on-line shopping and deal hunting – any suggestions for hidden online (or places) treasure troves for a great deal? I am always game for a good DIY project!