4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Staying busy and active in the winter months always seems much tougher than the warm summer months!  Here are a few winter activities that we’ve taken advantage of or have in the books, it’s helped us from going stir crazy, while keeping us active both mentally, physically and socially.
4 Ways to Beat Winter Blues - the bee life
Bowling. This is fun with a group of friends, for an early afternoon or evening!  Make it competitive with different stances or rules for each frame or split up teams boys vs. girls for some extra fun! Not to mention, have you seen bowling alleys lately? There are some fancy AF places that are so trendy to visit with full arcades, too!

Visit a Museum. We don’t nearly take advantage of the museums in our vicinity – it’s a rare occurrence, maybe a yearly event, we need to explore them more! We visited our Art Museum a few weeks ago to attend a special Jazz – Roaring 20’s Exhibit and it was awesome – not to mention the museum is completely beautiful, I feel like you could get lost wandering for hours, not to mention museums are free!

Find a Spin Class. This is on my list of to-do’s and activities to get back into! Although around here there are either gyms with spin classes or spin studios, both of which make you commit to a membership or multiple classes, and I haven’t found a dedicated spin studio I’m ready to commit to just yet.

Wine & Paint Class. This could be a fun date night or even a group activity with friends or the girls – these classes are becoming more and more original with ideas like Paint Your Pet!  We planned a double date for a Sunday afternoon to paint our pets, because we love our pooches, plus we can bring our own bubbles! Sunday Funday!

It’s easy to stay cozied up on the weekends, watching TV or vegging out – trust me, we definitely do it! But it’s important to take advantage of some fun activities that you might not want to do as much when it’s warm and sunny outside.

Here’s to some winter fun!

Week 1 Training: Inspiration

Last Monday was the official start of half marathon #7 training! As of today, one week down – 11 more to go before the Cleveland Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon.  As I mentioned in my recap in May, I didn’t train very well… I’d like to think I am off to a better start this time around.

Here is my week breakdown:

Monday – 3 miles
Completed: 27:32 (3.59 miles)

Tuesday – 2 miles or cross
Completed: 17:57

Wednesday – 3 miles + strength

Thursday – Rest
Completed 🙂

Friday – 30 min. cross
Completed: 1-hour Spin Class

Saturday – 4 miles

Sunday – Strength
Completed: 31:41 (2.30 miles)

Week Total Miles: 7.89 miles

I gained a little extra inspiration when we went to support a friend’s brother at his movie premiere on Wednesday night called “Running the Edge.”  It premiered in Cleveland at Capital Theater, the film follows the journey of a man and his family while he works to break the record for running the Colorado trail…which is 468 miles long.  His goal was to complete this in 8 days, 7 hours and 17 seconds, running anywhere from 12-14 hours a day and getting minimum sleep.  It was incredible, his determination, time spent and self-discipline it took to accomplish this was beyond motivational. 

Friday, I was able to try out the local spinning hot-spot, Harness Cycle, for a co-worker’s “Bride Ride Happy Hour” … a sweaty hour work-out + happy hour afterwards, was my kind of night!  The spin class was a lot of fun, especially with all the girls from work!  Not to mention it was a challenging work out (which I am always game for), mainly because it was really different from the spin classes I am used too. This class made you work your body more in tune to the beat of the music … and good music at that! I have always been a fan of group classes, because they help me stay motivated and push myself harder than I would if I was working out alone. I am definitely hoping to get back to Harness, the work out was great, and their studio is beautiful!

My goal is to continue to push myself harder each week regardless of the busy weekends and long days… because the busy weekends never stop!  

Are you training for a half marathon, or any kind of race?  What keeps you motivated? 

Happy Training!