Weekend Recap – Break from Reality

I’ve been a bit stressed out lately, and but came up pretty suddenly this past week. As we were driving away from the city late Friday night, I could start to feel some relief. But it wasn’t until about midway through Saturday when I could feel my tense body finally start to relax and the neck pain that had been lingering for the last 2-days was finally gone – that’s when I realized, I really needed this weekend away from reality with my little family.
Cabin -beelifeblog(3)
Initially the weekend was supposed to be a girls trip with an afternoon at the spa, but some things came up so B was stuck with me heading to one of our favorite spots, the cabin.  The cabin is literally in the middle of no where, there is no wifi, although there is TV, but it’s largely you, nature and just a break from the real world.  Even on weekends when you’re home with no plans, you always find something to do – clean the house, laundry, yard work – or you think you should be doing something besides nothing.  But that’s not how it is at the cabin, sleeping in is ok, watching Shark Tank marathons and day drinking is also totally acceptable.
Cabin -beelifeblog(2)
We also ventured to our favorite spot near the cabin, Southern Tier Brewery Co. – and yes they had our favorite seasonal beverages on tap, Pumking and Warlock.  The weather was perfect and we even brought Moz along this time! Usually we leave her behind at the cabin, but after a walk around the property at the cabin, she had plenty of exercise and just hung with us at the brewery.  We also grabbed some yummy eats at STBC – our go-to the pretzels and then split the BLT this time, which was so good! They never disappoint from a brews, food or atmosphere perspective. It was the perfect breakup in the day.
Cabin -beelifeblog(1)
The leisurely mornings might be my favorite – taking Moz out around the property for her morning routine, and then drinking coffee before B whips up a tasty breakfast is always so relaxing because we’re never usually in any rush for anything. And by the time breakfast is done and cleaned up, it’s about time to take Moz for a longer walk so she can take in all the fresh smells of nature, chase chipmunks and watch frogs jump into the pound.  Friday night after we got there a huge storm rolled in and we fell asleep to the rain pounding on the roof of the cabin, it was so relaxing and so perfect.
Cabin -beelifeblog(4)
As we were driving back to reality, I was reflective on the fact that we all need to take a little extra time for ourselves, an intentional break from the day to day, from the stresses of the work week and everything else. It was also a good reminder of making the most out of changed plans and still taking time away. Even if it’s a simple getaway for a night or two, it’s refreshing for the soul and it helps us stay sane.

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Rodan+Fields Product Sample Review

Let’s talk skincare for a minute.  In my daily essentials post – I made the disclaimer that I am in no way, shape or form a big make-up, beauty or skincare expert and I say that again. Because I am super low maintenance when it comes to my make-up, skincare routine and everyday maintenance, but I was super excited to try these Rodan+Fields skincare products – because I know I should give my skin a little more love than it gets.  After discussing with my consultant my skin type, and how I like to keep it simple she sent me the a few samples to give a try and tell you all about!
Redefine Regimen. This is one of the four regimens R+F offers – and this one specifically helps minimize appearance of fine lines and pores, while protecting your skin from harsh environmental elements that accelerate visible signs of aging – which nobody wants any part of that.

  1. Daily Cleansing Mask – This Kaolin Clay-based mask was a quick and easy way to exfoliate the skin and clean out pores.  After massaging the mask onto my face I waited to recommended 2-minutes which was just enough time for the mask to feel like it was drying before rinsing it all away. My skin felt soft and clean afterwards.
  2. Lip Renewing Serum – The Redefine lip serum had conditioning peptides and vitamins to help your lips stay full and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  3. Intensive Renewing Serum – I felt like I was rubbing silk on my face with this final step of the regimen and it was so lovely.  The serum is to be applied after cleaning and toning and to be applied over the entire face (watch the eyes!) – with the overall goal of reducing wrinkles and making your skin firmer and fuller.

R+F Review-beelifeblog(4)Radiant Defense – Liquid Perfection. I was super excited to give this foundation a try, because it also happens to be SPF30 on top of giving you flawless coverage. I used three of the colors, since typically I would probably be the lightest one on the chain – but given my summer glow and abundance of freckles, I thought the two second lightest colors might work well on my skin too.  I think the Beige was the perfect shade for me, not to light and not to dark – also the coverage of this sample was the perfect amount and gave a good base.  It covered up imperfections like my little color patch in the top of my forehead, plus it was light and airy and I didn’t feel like I had a pound of make-up on – which I feel like is just as important as everything else.  I felt flawless and effortless all in one and that feeling carried on into the day.

Micro-Dermabrasion Paste. This was a refreshing way to get ready for bed and end a long day with a little self-care and pampering. This product is not recommended for sensitive skin – I wouldn’t say I have super sensitive skin, but it can be sensitive – so I dampened my face before applying for a gentler exfoliation.  I kept this on my face for 60-seconds before wiping away.  The paste was gritty and had a very nice light smell to it so it was very refreshing – after wiping away the paste my skin felt super smooth and soft!
RFProductReview - beelifeblog(2)Overall all the products had super light or no scents, which is important to me with a routine, so it was very refreshing using each of the different products.  The Radiant Defense is a product I would definitely love using especially for special occasions or those days I need a little extra umph to get me going – I did feel super beautiful using it. I think it’s also important finding a good cleanser to exfoliate the face every now and again and R+F definitely offers a variety of options for all skin types and ages!

Learn more about Rodan + Fields and their life changing skincare.

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*Disclosure: I was asked by my Rodan+Fields Consultant to share these products and promote Rodan+Fields. In exchange, I received complimentary samples of product . All opinions are my own.

Fitness Friday 06.17

Woah! We’re half way done with 2017, how have your fitness and health goals been treading so far?  I’ve stuck it out for the last 5-months, and I’m not stopping! It feels so good to have the routine of working out, me time to sweat it out and work on myself, to keep myself accountable.  Not to mention half-marathon training is officially starting next week, eek!
Fitness Friday 06.17 - the bee life
Let’s talk about this half marathon training… it’s been a hot second since I’ve trained for a half marathon, the mental preparation is just as hard as the physical. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to it, but I am trying to have a positive outlook and approach to it. I want to do well and stay on top of training, I’m just not feeling very confident about it. My body can’t handle the running like it used too.

But I am also curious and excited, because I have the cross training part nailed down (first time ever in all my half trainings), and I feel like the half training will help me be more accountable for my in between days to get nearly a full week of working out in, #weddingdiet.

Needless to say, there is going to be many runs (especially the hot ones) when I want to stop, not only do I need to train my legs again, but I need to train my brain to get ready for this half!

Happy Training!

Fitness Friday no. 18

Hello gems! It’s Friday again, oh sweet, Friday.

I’m writing today feeling defeated, overweight and discouraged.  Which I will admit doesn’t happen too often since I’m pretty darn stubborn and relentlessness when it comes to personal goals and keep pushing forward. It’s not saying I’ve given up, I just need some different… better inspiration, maybe even some tough love… I need to take my fitness from average and inconsistent to kicking ass and not wanting to miss a day of sweat. 16One thing that has been pushing me through, especially this week, is my silly little fitbit. I am new to fitbit’s, and received one at my new company since health and wellness is ingrained into the culture with fitbit challenges and quarterly fitness outings, along with some other cool perks! It wasn’t until I had a fitbit that I realized how little I actually walk throughout the day. Getting to 10,000 steps without consciously making decisions to be active or go for a walk is hard when you’re mostly confined in an office from 8:30 – 5:30. I’ve realized I need to get a walk in the morning, a longer walk at lunch and then a medium-to-long walk in the afternoon/evening to hit 10k. Regardless of how ugly the fitbit is *giggles* it has definitely made me more aware to take advantage of the little opportunities and get up and walk more. I’ve hit 10k steps 3 of the 5 days so far this week! Which is a significant upgrade from my previous weeks.

Although walking isn’t my workout of choice, with busy night plans and hot humid summery days (and nights), small walks throughout the day have been all I’ve been able to squeeze in. Knowing I’ve even been doing more of that, it’s still not enough so here are a few things starting August 1st (Monday) I am going to start doing … I’m hoping B will help me along the way too.

  1. No eating out Monday – Friday
  2. Limit the snacking between meals
  3. Buy spin classes or gym membership
  4. Run 2x a week in the morning
  5. Boot camp 2x a week
  6. Barre 2x a week
  7. No beers with weeknight dinners
  8. No breads/bagels/pastas
  9. Weekend workouts are not an option, they’re a must.
  10. Take 1-hour of me time, work towards goals each weekend

I really need a full makeover of eating, working out, and my health life. August is going to be a big month (news to come) and other milestones in months to come that don’t allow for lazy, average, trying to figure it out attitudes. It’s time to not only start but continuing doing and always doing more!

Fitness Friday no. 16

So two weeks ago, I was feeling a bit discouraged with my fitness progress as I had quickly fallen into a slump, which seems to be the routine and pattern lately.  Not to mention some life changing events have gotten in the way, i.e. new job. New job, means new stresses, and new stresses (for me) means, no time, a messy house, eating junk food, not working out, breaking out, and being worried and sick to my stomach. Even just putting my 2-weeks in was stressful, and the weird limbo period you’re in while your still at your job, people seem to look at you different and treat you different. It was a weird thing! People who had been so friendly just the few days before they knew I was leaving. Strange, strange. Can anyone else relate?

The point I’m trying to make is, in those stressful, life changing moments, it’s hard to focus on ourselves and take care of ourselves, especially if we don’t realize we need it.  And everyday might not be a routine, more or less the routine becomes more of a roller-coaster. 14Here are my tips for those stressful/busy times and ways to take a moment for yourself, since it’s often really hard to just do that.

  1. Get a mani or pedi, or both! This is only an hour or so, of dedicated YOU time. It’s relaxing and a time to take care of yourself and it’s also something that can easily be pushed. So take the time and do it!
  2. Take a walk. Sometimes the most we can get in the day is a quick 15-30 minute walk, if that. So take the time in the middle of the day or right when you get home to go for a walk – having a dog is an extra excuse because you’re not just helping yourself, your getting your pooch some extra fitness time too!
  3. Let loose. In whatever way that means to you.  It might not necessarily be the healthiest, but it’s all about balance! So whether it be a night out with friends, sleeping in, head banging to your favorite song, staying up a little later than normal, or a day of partying (to celebrate the Cavs first NBA Championship) – it’s OK to let loose and have a little fun to distract from everything else going on in life.
  4. Just breathe. And remember that everything is going to work out. Change is scary, and if we were all OK with change then nothing would ever stay the same and nothing would be challenging for us.
  5. Sweat it out. Sometimes the best distraction is a kick ass workout or a long run, focusing in the moment on what’s trying to be accomplished and pushing your self physically through a challenge can be what your mind and body really need.

It’s all about balance. But first we need to realize that we need to take a moment and relax, breathe and take care of ourselves.

Cheers to Friday and a long weekend!

Fitness Friday no. 13

Heyyyyy Friday!!!!! How’s everyone’s fitness plans going? I have to say, I’ve truly gotten back in my groove lately and I love it.  The results haven’t been as apparent as I would have hoped, but it’s a journey, it’s not over night success, and I just have to keep reminding myself that (you should too!).

Regardless of how apparent (or non-apparent) my results have been, I feel great! And I recently got some new gear to wear for my workouts and runs and I was amazed at how much better I felt with some fun pants, new sports bras and comfortable sports tees.

Active ware has boomed recently from Kate Hudson to Beyonce launching their own lines, old oversized tee’s and shorts are no more.  Brands and active ware clothing are working for women, with fun prints, flattering fits and soft fabrics. With that, I don’t feel like you need to break the bank to feel great while working out, because let’s face it, you’re getting pretty clothes to get sweaty. So my go-to lately has been Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx because you can get hi-end brands at a severely discounted price. FRIDAY!(1)
01  | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06

Ultimately it’s about what you feel comfortable in, feeling good about yourself, while keeping you motivated to keep working out, time after time. So if you haven’t updated your workout wardrobe lately, take some time and slowly start grabbing some new pieces, you’ll be feeling great while getting into shape!

Wednesday Reminders – Birthdays

Happy birthday, to me!

Wednesday Reminders - Birthdays
The day has come, the day I love-hate.  I love it because, well I just love birthday’s plus I have an excuse to eat cake (I’m probably sounding like a broken record). It’s also a fun excuse to get a little more expensive dinner, order an extra dirty martini (or a few) and throw on some heels. But I hate it because I keep getting older, I definitely have the case of the Peter Pan syndrome.

As I am getting older, I am realizing that some things won’t change by themselves, I’m really hoping I find some of my inner strength and motivation back this year that I’ve lost. It’s continuous work, and recognizing goals and working towards them is the first step.

So for this year I hope to get back on the path of the best me, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Oh and have a hell of a great time doing it. 




Bye 2014!

As I look back at the goals I set for 2014, (as seen in: Happy New Year. Happy New You!) – I accomplished a lot – and even some that weren’t on the list.  And then, there were a few that I still need to work towards.

See for yourself…

My 2014 Goals:
1)  Run a half marathon – Completed!
2)  Read at least one book a month – I read 6.5 books
3)  Become an AE – Still working on this one (it was an ambitious goal)
4)  Get back into my workout routine – strengthening and cardio – Failed horribly
5)  Save more money! – Half fail
6)  Take more trips with Bentley – Success! Jackson Hole + NYC
7)  Write more on my blog/journal –Success!
8)  Don’t hold grudges/ be less stubborn – I hope this was a bit of a success
9)  Continue to eat healthier – Success, but could always be better!

2014, you went by way too fast. You also brought on new adventures, one which all of you are aware of – our new house! It was the year I said good-bye to Derek Jeter. The year that I got a new car… My first full year of being a full-time employed advertising account person… the year I was just so damn busy (but it sure was fun!).

I am still thinking of my 2015 goals…more to come on those in my official kick-off to 2015!

Did you have 2014 goals? How successful were you?

Happy New Year. Happy New You!

A belated Happy 2014 to all!

Call me cliche, but I really feel like this is going to be a good year. Not that 2013 was bad, but there were some moments (as there will always be!)

I started to write a few goals down for the New Year, which I haven’t done before. Which is ironic because, I have always been a firm believer that if you write something down and see it every day, it will eventually happen.

Here are a few of my 2014 Goals;

1)  Run a half marathon
2)  Read at least one book a month
3)  Become an AE
4)  Get back into my workout routine – strengthening and cardio
5)  Save more money!
6)  Take more trips with Bentley
7)  Write more on my blog/journal
8)  Don’t hold grudges/ be less stubborn
9)  Continue to eat healthier

I hope that writing down my 2014 goals will help me strive and achieve self-improvement for a happier life! Writing my goals down has allowed me to reflect on some things that I may or may not want to admit to myself! ie: #8  The good thing about goals is that they can be small and simple or they can be big and require more work. I love taking on a challenge, especially when it’s myself, I can be my own biggest critic sometimes.

For more reflection and self-guidance, Bentley and I are reading a book together, called; “Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?” by Dan Zadra. It’s an interactive work book that allows you to fill out your top values in life, dreams, goals, which ultimately helps for you to assess your life and allow you to be your most productive self over the next 5 years. Reaching and meeting those goals and dreams that you long to accomplish.

In five years I’ll be 29! Eeek!!

The book provides some amazing examples of what people have accomplished in five years, for example;

  • Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel in under five years.
  • After loosing their jobs, Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus created and went public with their business model, Home Depot.  Three years later their annual sales reached $1 Billion.

It’s a pretty interesting and thought provoking book, it’s helped me put my life and goals in prospective, although we haven’t finished the book I have been impressed with the first 6 pages!

So here is too a happier you and happier new year!  Make this year, a year for you and a year for your future.



Fun ending to 2013 and beginning of 2014!