10-Miler Recap – 2018

This past weekend we only really had one thing to do, and it was to run 10-miles at the annual race we partake in!  Last year’s run was a struggle for me, so I was looking forward to seeing how all the progress I’ve made this past year would improve this run for me (not to mention being down 15+ pounds).
10-Miler Recap - 2018 - the bee life
I started the race, as I often now do with my races… with no expectations. It was raining pretty decently when we woke up in the morning with a forecast of rain for the first hour or so of the race.  Walking up to the start line along the lake with the rain and chilly breeze wasn’t really inspiring me to run! But, we got started at good pace and kept it up throughout.

It wasn’t until we I saw the mile 6 sign that I started to get emotional, as I started to realize I’ve been able to run this entire time and I was still feeling good – last year I broke at mile 5. I pulled it together reminding myself the last few miles are always the toughest. But mile 8 came along and I felt those tears again.  It was that realization at how much I’ve accomplished this past year.  Going into the race last year I wasn’t in a great space physically and I was just getting out of a super stressful and toxic work environment (which I had let affect me physically – the weight gain, not being able to get out of bed, unhappy, stressed with constant added anxiety). Now a year at my new job, it’s a worlds difference how all that has shifted for the better – which started me with making some major changes.

Needless to say, this race was bitter sweet for me, it was a full circle of how far I’ve come, compared to where I was at this time last year and how much stronger and happier I am. B and I finished the race together and it felt so good to cross that finish line!

Fitness Friday 11.17

It’s that time of the month to check in and reflect on our fitness goals, our journey to a healthy 2017. Have you been sticking in there? Have you been reaching your goals?

I’m writing today, a bit stunned, yet so proud of all I’ve been able to accomplish. The last few years have been such a constant roller coaster to try and get on track with a healthy routine and consistent exercise. And finally, finally after nearly over a year I am seeing amazing results and I’m actually meeting my goals – goals I wanted so bad but wasn’t confident in achieving. Why? Because for 7-months I got stronger and made progress, but small progress and never saw the number move at all.
Fitness Friday 11.17 - the bee lifeThis past week I had another health assessment with my trainer, and from where I started to where I am now… and what I even accomplished in the last 2-months, I finally made it over the hump! So much so that I was even named the October Client of the Month, a secret goal of wanting to see my name on the board these last 9-months.

So moral of the story. Don’t give up. Keep pushing strong. Work to see progress and track it. Relish in your new strengths. Challenge yourself. Kick ass.


Fitness Friday 04.17

Happy Friday!

With this being the end of month three, and although my second assessment didn’t show any progress and was disappointing, I remained consistent to my last check-in.  Knowing all of that, I’m still feeling awesome and finally back into that workout groove that I’ve been working and longing for.  The lack of progress gave me a wake-up call that although consistent, I still have A LOT more work to do to keep reaching my goals.Fitness Friday 04.17 - the bee life
And, I’ve finally realized the sentiment of the above mantra.  It is so easy for us as humans to wish for things; wish for a new job, wish for a better body, wish for people to change, etc. and it’s so just as easy to sit and complain about those things and make excuses.  But it isn’t until you start working towards those things, that you’ll actually receive them.

A lot of the biggest success stories in our history and life are based off of hardwork and determination – that shouldn’t change no matter what you’re working towards, especially if it’s working to being and feeling your best. If we are not our best selves for us, we cannot be our best selves for others.

Here’s to more work!

Fitness Friday 03.17

Happy Friday!!

I am nearly 2-full months back into the grind; that’s 28 workouts in the last 7-weeks; which is just about 4 workouts a week, whereas I was virtually doing zero before. Within those 7-weeks, I’ve been able to do a 4-week assessment, meaning I’ve started to actually see payoff and results in number form! Woo!! Although it’s been small progress, I’ve dropped measurements across the board, I can’t wait to see the results kicked up as the time continues and I continue to incorporate more cross-training between my cross-training.

The biggest eye opener and progress was my BMI number; when I first got that assessed my number was 24, still considered in the “healthy” zone; but the last notch on the “healthy” zone.  Yikes, that was definitely a red flag and hurt a bit. Well after 4-weeks my number was down to 19!  My trainer said that was the most impressive part of all the progress to date. That was a definite victory!
Fitness Friday 03.17I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I’ve been picking up the pace, working to make workouts fit even when plans might question it. I’ve even been incorporating some runs in on my off days from boot camp!  The main area I need to keep working on is FOOD. I’ve been meal prepping the last few weeks and really buckled down on my breakfast choices (switched from bagels/toast to eggs/chicken/tomatoes).

Every workout is progress, even if its a few inches. And it’s important to remember that and keep pushing yourself harder and stronger. Because it will pay off and you will reach your goals! *muscle emoji*

Cheers to hitting goals and making progress!

The First 30

In order to be successful with goals, it’s important to reflect and have normal check-in’s on your progress, this way we aren’t 4-months in and look back to realize we’ve completely lost sight of major goals and progress!

Goals - the bee life

Here’s a look back at my 30-day focus:

1. Limit the times we eat (dinners) out: I’d say we were very successful in this area. As far as the weekends go, we only broke twice and one was because we were with friends. As far as lunches go, I also did pretty well, I only grabbed lunch a handful of times and most of those were salads I made myself. I not only noticed a huge difference in energy and feeling better but also my wallet! We are definitely keeping this up!

With this came more consciousness of better eating and prep for all of my meals throughout the week.

2. Do Barre 5-times a week: 5x was a little ambitious. Three was my sweet spot over these last 30-days, and I’m happy about that. I got into a groove and looked forward to doing it either over lunch or after work.  Which is progress in and of itself! I’m going to keep this up, and stick to at least 3-days a week! I love the progress and how I’ve felt.

3. Walk Moz on the weekends: This is a win-win, exercise for me and Moz! This was a success, out of the 10 days of weekends, we had 7 walks. From snowy walks to 4o-degrees and sunny, just your typical Midwest winter.

4. No sweets: I think “no” should’ve been “limited” – this was pretty successful, I was tempted a few times to buy some cookies or chocolate for B and I after dinner but resisted, instead a few chocolate chips after dinner filled the void, if there really was a sweet tooth. But generally there wasn’t!

5. Limited alcohol intake: I’d say this was a success. If I had a drink during the week, I kept it to one. And if I did over the weekend I definitely didn’t over indulge. Being mindful of how much we consume is better than not having any gauge at all.

These past 30-days have been a manageable focus; and it’s been so important and helpful for me to get back into a groove.

So what have I learned? I learned that this is just the beginning and I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I’m happy with my progress, but I know I can step up the game and still have a long way to go into maintaining this healthier lifestyle. I’m going to maintain these focuses (and try to add a few more), but most importantly reflecting and centering around 30-days at a time.

Here’s to the first 30-days of change and progress and here’s to the next!