Champagne Cocktails for NYE

We are in the final countdown of days for 2016 so that means it’s time to start planning for your last night of the year.  And in my opinion, every occasion is an occasion for champagne, although some occasions call for a little more expensive champagne than others.  But there is always one occasion that demands champagne and that is New Year’s Eve!  I love champagne straight, all day long, but found some fun, easy cocktails to try for your NYE celebration for those who might want a little more “umph” to get the party started.
Champagne Cocktails - NYE - the bee life

Pomegranate Cranberry Champagne Punch – This cocktail will be tasty for everyone, and requires minimal ingredients beyond what you may already have stocked on your bar. Garnish this with some cranberries and mint leaves and you’ve got a fun drink to be enjoyed by all!

Champagne Punch – I love this punch because it has a bit more flavor paired with rum and pineapple juice for a little more exotic flair to kick off your evening of celebrating. Not to mention the recipe allows for a larger portion, perfect for the family party or night with friends.

Raspberry & Ginger Beer Champagne Cocktail – This cocktail is something even your honey won’t mind drinking… well maybe besides the pink color.  Mixing a taste of raspberry with ginger beer and champagne this cocktail is sure to be refreshing and light and perfect to enjoy the whole night!

If your like me and have a love for champagne, these are fun ways for other guests and friends to enjoy some bubbles as well – or even more simple buy some garnishes to throw in your bubbles – frozen cranberries, raspberries, blue berries, or even a strawberry garnish and some greenery to give your champagne a sophisticated look for your NYE party! And don’t forget to WOO when you pop that bottle!!




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Latest Obsessions 12.17 – Holiday Fashion

Guys & Gals! This year’s holiday fashion trends have me heart-eyed emoji-ing and are my latest obsessions this month! I love looking for new pieces each holiday season to rock at holiday parties for work or with friends, Christmas Eve mass and into the midnight hours of NYE! Finding pieces that are versatile but also unique to stand out is all in the fun of putting together your holiday-ready look.
Latest Obsessions 12.17 - the bee life
Sparkles.  Always sparkles! Sparkles are especially perfect for a holiday party or to finish off your NYE look.  They’re festive and fun and make you feel pretty! Finding a statement top with sparkles is like the ultimate win-win.

Velvet. This is definitely a newer trend that has come out in full force this season and is filling stores.  This look is warm, fun and ads texture and style to any look for holiday festivities. Plus these trendy velvet tops are coming in all sorts of colors like maroon, light pink or blues, these translate into the later winter months!

Kimonos. Introducing the new, trendier poncho. These can help dress up any causal look with their intricate designs and use of fabrics.  You can go high-end on these or shop a bit more affordable options that can be switched out more! Either way, these are a must, and perfect for covering up a sexy tank.

Furs. Faux of course! Finding a fun faux fur to use as a cover-up or dressing up a plain sweater with a statement vest is perfect for a family or office party.  These can also add a layer (no pun intended) of fun to your look while keeping you warm in transit to and from!

It’s just another reason to love this time of the year – and excuse to wear an excessive amount of beautiful things that make you sparkle! Cheers to another year of creating memories and looking fabulous while doing it.


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Cheers to 2017!

Happy New Year! Ringing in 2017 was an absolute blast! I cannot get over the fact that we’re already two-days in to the new year, and reality is finally starting to set-in after a nice, long, much needed holiday break.

Our New Year was spent with family, it’s always fun when my extended family Christmas lands on New Year’s Eve. For our family Christmas we always enjoy pork, sauerkraut and dumplings, presents, white elephant, pass the trash, LRC, and this year we added in a few other fun games like the mitten present game (made famous by the internet). Oh, and add in about six dogs, a handle of Titos, 22 people and six bottles of champagne, beer and you’ve got one helluva night, let alone New Year’s.

2017 – I cannot wait to see what you bring, I know you’ll be full of firsts, amazing moments, lots of laughs, I’m sure a few challenges and tears. Coming from a year with no expectations, that was unbelievably amazing I can only imagine what this year will be like.

Cheers to you, cheers to 2017!

Happy New Year. Happy New You!

A belated Happy 2014 to all!

Call me cliche, but I really feel like this is going to be a good year. Not that 2013 was bad, but there were some moments (as there will always be!)

I started to write a few goals down for the New Year, which I haven’t done before. Which is ironic because, I have always been a firm believer that if you write something down and see it every day, it will eventually happen.

Here are a few of my 2014 Goals;

1)  Run a half marathon
2)  Read at least one book a month
3)  Become an AE
4)  Get back into my workout routine – strengthening and cardio
5)  Save more money!
6)  Take more trips with Bentley
7)  Write more on my blog/journal
8)  Don’t hold grudges/ be less stubborn
9)  Continue to eat healthier

I hope that writing down my 2014 goals will help me strive and achieve self-improvement for a happier life! Writing my goals down has allowed me to reflect on some things that I may or may not want to admit to myself! ie: #8  The good thing about goals is that they can be small and simple or they can be big and require more work. I love taking on a challenge, especially when it’s myself, I can be my own biggest critic sometimes.

For more reflection and self-guidance, Bentley and I are reading a book together, called; “Where Will You Be Five Years from Today?” by Dan Zadra. It’s an interactive work book that allows you to fill out your top values in life, dreams, goals, which ultimately helps for you to assess your life and allow you to be your most productive self over the next 5 years. Reaching and meeting those goals and dreams that you long to accomplish.

In five years I’ll be 29! Eeek!!

The book provides some amazing examples of what people have accomplished in five years, for example;

  • Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel in under five years.
  • After loosing their jobs, Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus created and went public with their business model, Home Depot.  Three years later their annual sales reached $1 Billion.

It’s a pretty interesting and thought provoking book, it’s helped me put my life and goals in prospective, although we haven’t finished the book I have been impressed with the first 6 pages!

So here is too a happier you and happier new year!  Make this year, a year for you and a year for your future.



Fun ending to 2013 and beginning of 2014!