Transformation Tuesday no. 2

Hello Transformation Tuesday!

We are finally moved in, and it’s a strange feeling to have this whole house to ourselves. Again, I am realizing that I have been doing a horrible job at taking up-to-date “After” photos – but I still think the ones I have say a lot!

Bathroom Makeover

I underestimated what a little paint could do and switching out the original shower curtain… oh and I didn’t realize the ceiling needed to be painted until the first coat on the walls was up to reveal the ceiling was the same color.

For now this will work for us, but we eventually want to get a larger vanity and light fixtures, maybe even new flooring. But for now this paint job has made a huge different, it makes the room look 10x bigger, not to mention we didn’t need to break the bank.

Yellow Room Makeover

This room initially to me, didn’t need to be touched. But after the plaster cracks were fixed, the walls needed to be painted. Not to mention after we had the electric updated, the base trim had to be repainted, as it was completely removed from the workers. Hence, more painting… but what a difference. The top trim also had a large gap at the top near the ceiling, either it was from the house settling or a poor job to begin with. So, instead of replacing, we caulked in the gaps and painted to refresh… wait until you see…

We have also since replaced the ceiling fans, so they are less obvious and a little newer looking. Once again, inexpensive fixes, that make a huge different –

  • Caulk – $5 each (about 1-2 tubes needed)
  • Yellow Paint – $33 gallon
  • White Trim Paint – $41 gallon
  • Ceiling Fan (not pictured) – $34
    Total Makeover Cost = $118

Can’t wait to share more transformations with you!

House Hunters – Bye Apartment

Moving this weekend ends an era at 12505 along the lake. This was B and I’s first place together and honestly… I love our space. But I didn’t love all things that came along with it… especially over time.

Things I won’t miss;

  • Slamming doors in the hallways
  • Cigarette smoke coming up from the opened windows
  • Close neighbors
  • The barking French bull dogs underneath us
  • Our parking lot
  • Cat lady leaving cat litter in the halls

Things I will miss;

  • Our massive closets
  • Being super close to work/downtown
  • Prime running location
  • Our fireplace
  • Our cozy bungalow
  • The Pontiac couple’s fights across the street

We’ve had laughs, we’ve had cries, yelling, and parties. We’ve hung pictures and decorated for the different holidays. This was our home for 2-years and now we will start all of this in our new home. I will miss our little bungalow on the lake, as I have liked to call it. It was a cozy, warm and inviting space that will always have a special place in my heart. I knew as soon as we saw this space that it was going to be ours, and I think B had the same feeling when he walked into our house, we just had to do some convincing to each other in both respects.


As of Thursday evening, B and I are official homeowners… we got the keys to our house! The process has been so long, that the reality of it all is hitting me in waves.  We had a 60-day close, plus we are having some work done on the house, so there has been a lot of downtime.  Fortunately we have time left on our lease until the end of December, so we can get the house in tip-top shape and move in as needed.

We got a lot of work done around the house this past weekend, before and after pictures to come in a future post. But MY biggest accomplishment of the weekend was deciding on paint colors for the dining room and the living room… now only 5-other rooms to go… oh… and the actual painting…

We also met our neighbors this weekend, both sides seem super nice.. so I’m happy about that.