#EmnBWed – The Guys

When we were coordinating with our wedding photographers, I was a bit anti the “getting ready pictures,” mainly because I think a lot of them are overdone and just for the sake of the photographers portfolio, and me as the bride it may be great in the moment but in 20-years looking back am I going to be swooning over the artsy getting ready photos?

Well… maybe.

But I may be biased because my hubs is so handsome and these behind the scenes pictures captured precious moments of him laughing with his brother and parents, sweet moments with his niece (who shall not be named/pictured) and then just his overall happiness on our wedding day.  So because the guys don’t always get a ton of wedding love, here are a few of my favorite photos of the guys getting ready the morning of the big day!
I28A8992I28A8939I28A9052I28A8952I28A9057_TLOCCI28A9107I28A9231I28A9179B and I had fun putting together all of the pieces and parts for his wedding day look, after a lot of inspiration, we started with a custom suite in the most beautiful blue, then created a custom vest, and pulled everything together with beautiful ties and pocket squares from Sweden.  Without these pictures a piece of our special day would be missing, all those details lost, and these help complete the moments of that day!





Image Source: Timothy Logan Photography

Wednesday Reminders – Firsts

There are definitely times when I am especially reflective and thoughtful on specific moments in time or memories and in this instance, some firsts with B.  Four years ago marked our first weekend getaway together and our first Valentines Day.  I don’t know why this year I am so gooey over V-Day, it seems to vary year-to-year and for no particular reason… although in college my girlfriends and I threw a V-Day Sucks Party. *smiles*

Anyways… as I was saying, four years ago was our first weekend getaway to the cabin, which had gotten bombarded with snow, so much that it was up to my knees! There isn’t a whole lot to do in the middle of no-where, so we played a lot of scrabble and ate pizza and even took a stroll out in the snow.  It was a fun weekend away doing a whole lot of nothing, which makes it feel like you have all the time in the world.
Our first Weekend Getaway 2012 - the bee lifeOur first weekend getaway - the bee life (1)Our first weekend getaway - the bee life (2)I love looking back at this first trip to the cabin, because it’s become a tradition and our getaway, a place to get away from all of the daily noise. I also love looking back, because I’m thankful (and sometimes in shock) for the journey that’s gotten B and I nearly to five this year. I think that’s why I am especially reflective this year since we’re hitting a small milestone, yet still a milestone in my book!


throwback thursday – may 2014

This time last year, we were in the final stages and days before the Rite Aid half marathon… with full weekends before and after, the entire month! And this month, we have had a few busy weekends, but nothing nearly compared to last year.  As much as I complained and wanted a free weekend last year … and as much as I like to keep my free weekends this year, I feel like I am already off to a boring start to the “summer” with no real vacations or trips (just one) in the future sights.

So many great memories and milestones happened a year ago this month; #DazzleCLE, my cousin’s senior prom, B’s sister’s college graduation, our three year anniversary, we ran our 6th half marathon, our friend’s got married, my cousin’s HS graduation party, and B’s first time in NYC.

I’m grateful for all these memories and times, and can’t wait for all the unplanned moments this upcoming year!

Happy Thursday!