So this weekend started out relatively uneventful and turned into one to remember. Saturday morning I treated myself to a spa day for my birthday, and it was literally just about half the day (much longer than I had anticipated) – I got a facial, massage, mani/pedi, and my make-up done!  Relaxed as much as I could after I got home before we had to head out for B’s brother’s surprise party (nearly an hour away).

We get to the party, caught-up with family and friends, who hadn’t seen us since the engagement and the surprise was definitely a success. But all night, a few of us were constantly fixated on this dog that was outside barking – a few people had tried to call him over, but to no success, he was scared with his tail between his legs would run off and keep barking. As the night went on, he was still hanging around – just barking the whole time! Finally, it became my mission to see if he would warm up to me, it probably took a good 30-40 minutes of me sitting out there coaxing him with hamburger buns. FINALLY he came up and smelled my shoe and licked my hand, then he stuck around a little more and eventually ate out of my hand. I got to the point where I could pet him and stand up and move around him without him flinching or running away, yes! He was sweet, and was just hungry and wanted some belly scratches.

The bartender at the event was going to take him home, so I felt like I had helped to ‘break’ him a little for whenever it came the time for her. Although I wanted to double check before we left – she had called her dad and couldn’t bring him home. I immediately became (even more) heart broken, as he was laying next to me outside in the cold, shivering but just loving his belly rubs.

We took him home.
I immediately said to B, what did we get ourselves into?  He kindly reminded me that this was all me. So we are trying to find his home (if he has one).

He is breaking my heart though, because I know he is just so happy to be warm, fed, have water and have some love -but he is so skinny.  I seriously just cry whenever I see how much love and support people have been sharing the posts and trying to find his home. And I cry when I just realize he is happy but then look and see how skinny he is.

I hope his owners turn up! He is a sweet boy, appears to be house trained and seems to have energy and still pretty young. This being the first time I’ve ever done this, I’m not sure what to do! But I knew we couldn’t leave him outside again.

Please send positive thoughts this week that we get Hank back home.