Happy Thanksgiving – 2020

It’s the eve of Thanksgiving, and I know this year looks different for many of us… no family gatherings, no road trips to visit extended family, no house hopping from one turkey dinner to the next. And it’s especially easy in the solitude, to be reminded of the things we should be doing — the things we aren’t doing. But I’m here to say, we can’t focus on that!

Instead we need to hug the people we can. And count our blessings, big or small this year — be thankful for our health, and the health of our friends and family. A super easy way to do this, is take out a piece of paper and write (or type) them down.

photo by: Michelle Loufman Photography

Here are a few things B and I are thankful for this year:

  1. Time we’ve been able to spend with family, specifically pool days & July 4th
  2. Having jobs and ones that we are able to work from home
  3. Good music and Yahtzee
  4. Another year with our Moz
  5. The time we’ve been able to see friends this year
  6. Curbside pick-up
  7. Our Jackson Hole trip
  8. Rain on Me – Lady Gaga
  9. Getting to know our neighbors more this year
  10. A husband who likes to grocery shop!

Ok, your turn! Even just taking a moment before dinner, and sharing a few things you’re especially thankful for, or telling someone via the phone or text this year — share a little extra gratitude and soak in the good that we’ve been able to find this year ♥️.

Still prepping for the big day? See how we’re getting ready for a quiet Thanksgiving Dinner for Two!

Happy Thanksgiving – 2019

Happy Thanksgiving to all my amazing bee readers! What’re you thankful for this year?  Every year, I’m always amazed and reminder at how lucky B and I are for our life and all of the amazing people we have surrounding us.

I’m also thankful for winning a fun little portrait mini-session earlier this month (see below) by the talented MML Photography, Michelle Loufman. B and I did a quick little session and the photos just captured so much of our love and personalities while being timeless photos for us to have for years to come.
Em and B Mini Session 2019
Photo by Michelle Loufman at MML Photography

I’ll have to admit that I’ve been a little jaded over this Thanksgiving holiday, especially this year — all the demands of family wanted me to shut it all off and just hide.  But all of my amazing friends listened to my stresses, frustrations and as much as they supported me, they also worked to share a different perspective for me to maybe change my mind… which ultimately ended up happening (yes, I know I’m being cryptic – what else is new?!)

So, I’m heading into this holiday with patiences and gratitude — Happy Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday Reminders – Grateful

On the eve of Thanksgiving, it’s time to take a moment before all the crazy starts tomorrow and really reflect and remember what we’re truly grateful for.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m grateful for the wonderful people in my life.  My family, my friends, our neighbors and my coworkers — we are lucky to have so many thoughtful and caring people in our lives that we can call family.

We have been blessed with such a wonderful life and that in part has been because of the fabulous people in our lives and the opportunities they’ve provided for us to get to where we are today.  I hope you all have a blessed, happy and stress free Thanksgiving and remember to squeeze your friends and family a little tighter this year!


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Weekend Recap – Thankful

I had full intentions of getting a few posts out last week with the long weekend and holiday break; but I was enjoying my time “off” far too much.  But, I hope you all had a blessed and happy thanksgiving this past week.  B and I were lucky enough to have three thanksgivings and spend some time with friends in between too.

Our Thanksgiving was a bit reshuffled this year, we normally have two on the actual day, but one was early so we only had an evening dinner.  We had the whole day to ourselves, it was kind of amazing!  Knowing this ahead of time, we had signed up for our local Turkey Trot, which offered a 5k race or a 5-miler, of course we picked the 5-miler. *smiles* The weather was mid-40’s and a misty drizzle, but in my opinion, perfect for a run. There were 9,000 participants in this year’s Turkey Trot! B stuck it out and ran with me the whole way, not to mention we both loved the race course.

We were home by 11AM, got cleaned up and then headed over to the neighbors for some snacks and beverages before everyone had to get to their various family dinners.  It was so fun spending a quick, impromptu few hours with the crew, we’ve gotten to know them well over the last year and a half and we’re grateful to have such awesome neighbors!

We spent our Thursday night dinner with B’s family, laughing, playing games and watching football!  Friday we headed to one of my aunt’s for my family’s Thanksgiving, there was plenty of food, whiskey sours, buckeyes, stuffing, laughs and dogs to go around. But by dinner number three, we were definitely  beyond stuffed, and thankful for our thanksgiving dinners to be over!

It was great catching up with everyone and being reminded how blessed we are with all the amazing people in our lives.  This past weekend was a busy one, but the long break was definitely needed.  Now it’s an official kickoff to the Christmas season!


Wednesday Reminders – Perspective

Lately there has been a lot of not so fun stuff happening, for a lot of people in my life and it really puts life into perspective.

It also leads to a lot of questions like… Why?
Or statements like… That’s not fair.

Sometimes things can easily be accepted by saying; “Everything happens for a reason.” But beyond the internal back and forth of reassuring and questioning, one thing is very evident, life and moments are so precious. That thing at work that might be stressing you out, or that petty fight you’re in with your friend, family or significant other, does it really matter? Do we really need to get all bent out of shape about small insignificant things, when there are much bigger things than ourselves happening? The answer is no.

So here is my challenge to all of you (myself included): do something nice for someone, even if it’s someone who you do something nice for everyday, go above and beyond. Write them a note, give them a compliment. Go apologize to that person you can’t get over a grudge with, be the bigger person. Smile today and be grateful.

My to do list for today

Wednesday Reminders – Snow happy

It’s a snowy January day and it’s hard not to stop and take a moment and watch the big fluffy flakes fall slowly like being in a giant snow globe.

I love this quote, and today I am trying to pause for the day (and rest of the week) and just be happy and content. One of my goals for 2015 is to live in the moment, and that includes the happy moments. Nothing crazy has happened, in fact I am super busy, lots of plans and busy days are coming, late nights after work with extra-curricular activities, back to back (which I don’t always like). But I am going to enjoy them, have fun, and just soak up the memories and the time.

If there is anything I’ve learned of late, it’s that things change very quickly.  Friends/family are starting to have babies… getting married… moving away, and it’s all happening so quickly and a little out of the blue (not so much the weddings) and before you know it we are going to be all old and sitting in rocking chairs talking about that one day in 2015. #Terrifying

But… I digress. Here is my challenge to you: try to be happy with me for the next three days! It doesn’t have to be 100% happy but it needs to be 90% happy. I bet we’ll feel better, things won’t be so hard or stressful, because there is always a brighter side.