Fitness Friday no. 15

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!! Today is especially awesome, since we woke up with a big win and are headed to game 7 for the NBA Finals. If you follow me on twitter, I am sure you’re already aware of that even if you’re not into the finals at all. With the high of a great win, I was reminded of a quote by LBJ, about failure and about succeeding and I thought it was the perfect sentiment for today’s FF and an update on my fitness journey.


So the last 2-weeks have sucked. I was on a really good rhythm of boot camp and then even “teaching” my own boot camp classes for some friends! We were doing it 2x a week with everyone depending on the other and coming together to workout as a group helped, although people have been getting busy and it just fell off. So I need to do a better job at initiating with the girls. So with all of that, I’ve fallen off these past two weeks, but I am buying more boot camp classes, so I am excited to get that going again -along with reaching out to the girls to get started again!

I think it’s the bad moments, and the good moments that help balance and keep me motivated and moving in the right direction to keep pushing myself, realizing I need to work harder, realizing I need to make it even more of a priority – , or realizing I love the feeling after busting through a hard workout, so needless to say, this slump is going to be ending immediately!

How do you use your failures to push you forward?

2 months in

What’s that saying? Something like…

“It takes 21 days to form a habit and one day to break it”

… Well it’s been nearly 2-months (30 days) since I got back into my workout routine, and although I am still not 100% where I want to be as far as frequency I am gaining traction! With work and my new circuit/interval training classes the availability and class times is something I have been needing to adapt too. I have been making 5:30am classes work, well sort of, it’s been easier when my aunts carpool with me, but when I am driving myself that internal mind-game of just getting out of bed is hard.  The thing is, once I am up and at the class, I am totally fine! It’s just getting my butt out of my warm snuggled self out of bed that is the struggle. It’s such a mind game. I am shooting for 3-days during the work week in the mornings and then a nice Saturday late morning class, still need to get those 3 early mornings down. I get stuck at one or two.

The positive side is that I have been seeing results, not to mention with Lent – I have given up some sweet temptations which are definitely tying into my results. No Starbucks, no beer, no sweets. I’ve surprisingly held to my guns the last 3-weeks, everything is dialed down significantly.  I’ve been eating better all around, smaller portions, trying not to eat out as much, lots of kale salads and fruits, limited, to no coffee and extra water and tea! I also haven’t been buying sweet treats from Starbucks with my morning coffee or a cookie to bring home for after dinner with B.

As soon as you start seeing results, everything becomes addicting. I am already getting that insatiable crave back that I used to have that drives me back every time and pushes me through the long run or the workout harder than the time before, and it’s awesome.

Image taken Monday at 5:30am Boot Camp (I am far left with pink sneaks!)

Here’s to staying motivated!