My MOH Proposal

This past week, I finally popped the question to my BFF, Katie, if she would be my MOH!! Now this is probably no surprise to any (especially if you’ve kept up with my MOH journey for Katie’s wedding).  I don’t think it was a surprise to Katie either, since we’ve had a lot of chats about it throughout her wedding festivities and ever since I’ve been engaged. So knowing all of this, and knowing that I am 260 miles away from Katie on a regular basis, I wanted to surprise her!  So after racking my brain away on exactly how to do it, I came up with…. I would send her gold letter balloons spelling out “MOH?” (each in a different box, labeled) with a card, and then a champagne flute and champagne with some other goodies in a basket.

Well finding golden balloon letters was a bit of a challenge, especially the question mark. And I wasn’t trying to spend a fortune, so I ordered the MOH from amazon and the question mark from etsy… it was a bit of a process. I finally got the balloons in the mail, I had ordered the 40″ letters instead of 16″ – thinking the 16″ would be too small… well the 40″ were gigantic (a lot larger than my mind had scaled them to be, oops!) So the box option got shot out of the window, because the boxes would’ve been ginormous.

Back to the drawing board for the surprise.

Luckily my mom was in town the other weekend when I’d received the balloons, I schemed with her to see if she could (1) get the balloons blown up and (2) coordinate with Katie’s mom to get the balloons in Katie’s house during the day. She could take the balloons and card back home and help me put everything into place.

The plan was back on.

Since a few of the other details didn’t arrive in time and the box thing go thrown off, I had to (I say had too, because if you know me, things need to be over the top) send along some roses with the balloons. I had already ordered the card way ahead of time since it was a pinterest find ages ago. It was perfect. Not to mention I was able to pick out a gold envelope that would match perfectly with the gold balloons.

So this past Wednesday, my Mom and Lori got the balloons into Katie’s house and all set-up in the dinning room (and yes the balloons fit in my moms car), sending me pictures along the way.  It was perfect, oh and the balloons were still HUGE.  Hehe. So once things got set-up, I waited. I got a call around 5:30 from Katie telling me she had these massive balloons in her house that just about scared the crap out of her… and that of course she would be my MOH. 
IMG_4987She said, Yes!!

I can’t wait to have Katie help me along the way and share in these special moments, like I got to share in with all of hers.  I have a MOH! The distance was tough during Katie’s wedding, but it’s these moments that it’s especially tough and I wish I could’ve just drove to her house (in a timely matter).  But this just means we will have to plan a few more weekends that normal together!
IMG_5008IMG_5010It was fun surprising Katie from 260 miles away.  I can’t wait to see her in person and give her a gigantic hug and part 2 of the MOH proposal!



Five Dates

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and although I’m not the biggest fan of this day (even though this will be #5 with B) – I love, love. So in honor of our 5th, here are some cute ways to spice it up, show some more love and rekindle those “just started dating” sparks.

Five Dates - the bee life -

Write a love letter. Like a really good, spilling your heart out, a page straight from a Nicolas Sparks novel, aching of the soul… down right awesome, love letter. Find inspiring poems or quotes from his/her favorite book and gush a little. A piece of paper and pen is all you need for this one.

Make Out. Like it’s the first time you did.

Go for a walk, hand in hand. I know February isn’t always the warmest, unless you’re on the west coast or a southern bell. But bundle up, go to a park, and walk hand in hand, even if it’s for 20-minutes – oh and put those phones away! Just the two of you and Mother Nature.

Play some games. Keep the electronics off, throw on some tunes and play a board game or two. Scrabble, monopoly, uno, or a little bit of war?! Have a little friendly competition over wine and candlelight.

Skip dinner. Instead of a big fancy <expensive> dinner, try breakfast or brunch instead! Whether it’s making it at home or heading to your favorite diner, heart shaped pancakes and mimosas? What could be sweeter than that?

What I love about these ideas is they really get down to the core of what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about, an extra day in the year, to spend dedicated time with the person we love. XO.