Fitness Friday no. 22

Hello! I took a little bit of a Fitness Friday break – I’ve been trying to get back into a groove to share all the progress I’ve been making!  But it’s been slow progress and I was lacking motivation and inspiration.
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But within this past week I’ve gotten up three mornings in a row to hit up the gym.  After work has been too busy and now that it’s dark when I leave work the motivation is very little… lunches are good but I always feel rushed. Morning workouts have been the trick and I’ve actually been doing them. Another motivator that has helped get these in is having workout buddies to go with me, yay for workout partners at your same gym! After these last three mornings I instantly feel better, I instantly don’t want to stop.

Here are my tips and reminders lately that’re keeping me focused to stay on track this time.

  1. Our Wedding! We are nearly at the year mark to the wedding, and since this past year has been a constant struggle I need to start now to really get motivated and make progress. Although I’m pretty sure once I secure my dress the motivation will kick up a level.  This will be a prom diet on steroids. Don’t have a wedding or big event coming up to look forward too? What about a vacation or a bikini you’ve had your eyes on, it’s never too early to start working on yourself!
  2. My Jeans. I know when my jeans are feeling a bit tighter that I need to get off my butt and get to the gym! I don’t like stepping on the scale, but I know when things aren’t going in the right direction when my clothes aren’t feeling right.  Don’t like the scale either? Read your clothes and pick up the pace if you’re not loving the fit. 
  3. Feeling Better. I haven’t felt overly tired this past week after my early morning workouts,  in fact I’ve felt better all around.  I’ve even started pushing myself to running on the treadmill (which I hate) but doing it in small doses and picking up the speed more than my comfort zone, and knowing I can do it.
  4. Half Marathons. I’ve got my eyes on some upcoming races to end this year strong and even to get ready for, for 2017 to help with wedding prep! I know I would be in no condition to run a half marathon right now, but I really want to run another one since it’s been almost 2-years since our last half. Yikes!

I’m excited about this new progress and thankful for having motivating friends who also want to get back into a routine, it helps so much!

Cheers to progress and motivating friends!

Fitness Friday no. 8

It’s Friday, yet again, but this Friday is a Fitness Friday!  And we’re nearing the end of our second month into the New Year. I can’t believe it’s only been two-months, but yet we’re knocking on March’s door. How have you been doing with your 2016 fitness goals?

I don’t know about any of you, but this past month was definitely a struggle for me.  I felt like I made big moves in the right direction in January and was feeling good about keeping it going into February, but life got in the way – and just like that, I fell off the wagon a little bit. Which is another reason why I like focusing 30-days at a time, because I am more aware and conscious of successes and areas of improvement, in the moment, not 8-months too late.
Fitness Friday 08 - the bee lifeI watched the Biggest Loser this past season (just ended this past week) and they kept emphasizing that life happens outside of the ranch, and that’s going to be the biggest obstacle – and isn’t that the truth. So if you’re like me and had a bit of a struggle into this next month, it’s OK just remember these things:

It’s Not Easy – Understanding and accepting that it’s not going to be easy is half the battle, knowing that there are going to be continuous temptations and ups and downs, is good! It’s all about balance, and knowing you’re going to have to continually work and navigate all that comes with life. Don’t give up!

Be Aware Be aware when you’re making a choice that might not be the best for your fitness and health success, tempted by the mini cupcakes in the lunch room at work? Or wanting to sit on the couch after a long day at work instead of taking 30-minutes to crank a workout in? Being aware, regardless of the path you take will lead to better choices the next time.

Do Change – Once you’re aware, start doing, it doesn’t do you any good thinking about the workout you missed or the salad you could’ve had at lunch – actually do the workout, and eat the salad!  Make change, and start changing those bad habits that don’t help your health.  One thing that has helped for me, do, is grocery shopping and stocking up on good snacks and food for lunches, and dinners – this prevents us from ordering take out at the last minute because they fridge is empty.

Something Is Better Than Nothing – I think I’ve said this before, but a 30-minute workout is better than nothing.  So when you’re about to pass up a chance to workout or “don’t have enough time,” you do. Make it work, and get that workout in, it all adds up and helps you become stronger in your journey to success!

This past week I stepped it up significantly, because although I realized I didn’t do as much as I could have this month, I also realized I still had time to make a difference and get back on the saddle!

Happy Friday!

10-Miler Training

One of my goals is to get back into a consistent workout routine, back to how I used to be when if I missed a workout it was the end of the world! The high of working out is addicting and I’ve told friends who’re trying to workout more, to stay consistent enough because once you get to that point you’ll know – I also warn it’s far to easy to break that habit (much easier than it was to create) … and here we are.

One thing that had always helped me stay on track was training for half marathons, I would run at least one a year sometimes even two when I was feeling a little extra crazy. Granted that was pre-Moz, pre-house, and still early into my job (yes I will always blame work) – yes those are excuses. B and I have signed up for a 10-Miler this April, so let the training ensue!

10 Miler Training - the bee lifeWith races I like to be able to make my own schedule, this way I can switch up days when I know I’ll be able to take a long run or only squeeze in a quick cross-training session. Since I know I have some busy weekends that’ll interfere with training I’ve taken the initiative to star* the days that are a conflict or an opportunity. For example, President’s day I can squeeze in some extra miles that I normally wouldn’t on a Monday and I have a weekend I’ll be traveling so that’ll throw some things off, but only if I let it. Being able to plan ahead for these is smart, I can game plan and accommodate ahead of time because all I need is a few days of procrastination to break everything I’ve been working towards.  I also like to track during the week my distance and time, and then tally up my total distance for the EOW, it’s just another way to track progress or be honest where improvements may need to be made.

Beware of Burnout. I am always cautious about this I am planning or starting to train for any long race. B always got burnout a lot quicker than I, but a training program that is longer than it needs to be (depending on your skill) can be exhausting by week 6 out of 12. So I wanted to keep this manageable but also a decent amount of time, since I could use a little extra discipline.

As you can see training officially starts next weekend, but I am going to try and get some miles in this weekend as a preempt since it takes mental and physical prep to be all in for training!

What’re your training tricks? Are you getting ready to train for a race?