Latest Obsessions 01.18

It’s a new year, but I’m still obsessing and plan to share all my latest obsessions every month with all you beautiful people – and I want to hear what you’re obsessing about too!  This months obsessions range from simple home improvements and upgrades to trying new things and fighting the post-holiday blues!
Latest Obsessions 01.18 - the bee life
Organizing. I love being organized in general, but I’ve been on a kick purging and organizing throughout the house. It’s been so great to clean out the pantry, fridge and freezer, we’ve even been tackling guest room closets and adding shelves, getting plastic bins, labeling and just throwing crap out – it’s been great.

H&M Pillow Covers. So before the holidays I stumbled upon pillow covers from H&M… can you say game changer? I excessively buy unneeded pillows, and have been wanting to find some ways to update our living room without buying all new. Moral of the story, the H&M pillow covers are affordable, come in a variety of styles and are perfect for a mini-room makeover without blowing a budget!

Home Chef. We received a gift to try out this home food delivery service for Christmas! We’ve had three meals so far, and the shear fact that we don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner and meals are portioned out perfectly has made for some easy, yet super flavorful meals this year. I’ll be sharing more about Home Chef in another post, soon!

The Crown. We finally started season 2, and it’s SO good. Obsessed with Princess Margaret, indifferent about the Queen (but love Claire Foy), don’t like Charles and love the mini history lessons! I’ll be sad for season 2 to end, and see Claire Foy and cast transform… but love the premise, fashion, style and drama of it all!

What keeps you busy during these colder months? Any other must-see Netflix and Chills we should be watching?


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Weekend Recap – First of March

Happy March! For avid Bee readers, you know it’s my favorite month *smiles* and the first weekend of March was a busy but good one.

It started out Friday afternoon, volunteering with my company at a local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. If you’ve never been or heard of one of these, see if you have one near by and check it out. As they explained it, it’s like a Home Depot meets Goodwill store. They offer way more than your typical thrift store; it’s a DIYers dream or perfect for furnishing your first apartment. Not to mention you help the greater cause shopping in these stores! It was a nice way to kick off the weekend.

Momma Bee came into town, so she was at the house by the time I got done volunteering! We were in the mood for meatless tacos for the first Friday of Lent, so we ended up at a nearby spot and ordered a tray full of tacos and a few mojitos. It hit the spot!

Saturday morning we got a jump start on some wedding activities. First and foremost on our agenda was seeing our finished venue.  We first saw it in September, under construction, dusty with no walls or electric and we fell in love. Seeing it again brought back all the feels. It’s so stunning, I can’t imagine a place more perfect! From there we headed to see the hotel and met with a DJ! It was a very productive morning.  After church we headed to one of our favorite spots for all night happy hour, yup, all night. We enjoyed cosmos, dirty martinis, and more delicious food.

Sunday’s highlight was celebrating a dear friend’s baby shower! It was a beautiful afternoon celebrating with her family and friends, and seeing all the adorable little boy outfits and stuffed animals. I can’t wait to meet her little boy.

It’s always hard when these fantastic weekends come to an end, but it’s these fantastic weekends that get me through the work week for more!

Weekend Recap – Katie’s Bachelorette!

Where do I even begin? This past weekend was Katie’s bachelorette party, after months of planning, it was finally the day to actually celebrate!!

We started the afternoon with a toast to the bride, I selfishly wanted some practice for my MOH speech, although totally winged this one.  We then piled onto the limo bus with our coolers and started the party.  Apparently you can get pretty buzzed in 30-minutes thanks to Jell-O shots, wine and champagne – oh and some fun music.  We were also lucky enough to have some hotties join us for the days festivities, you may know them… Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling and Benjamin McKenzie (famously known from the OC).IMG_1877Our first stop was Monet & Merlot. A wine and painting place, which is all the rave lately.  This was my first time at one, and I ended up liking it way more than I expected! It went off without a hitch, for having 17ish buzzed women, not to mention we actually finished under the estimated time frame!  We did a pretty simple picture, but I thought it was amazing how everyone’s picture came out differently, even though the directions were all the same.

After paint, we made our way to dinner, although the drive again was a good 30+ minutes, so more jell-o shots, dancing, and drinks. By the time we made it to dinner, I’m not sure if many people were hungry but most people were definitely tipsy. But hey, that’s the point of a Bachelorette party, right?

I loved everything about Katie’s bachelorette, especially because we were celebrating this beautiful girl and everyone truly let loose and had a good time.  I seriously want to consider renting a limo more often just to drink and dance without having any cares!  But all-in-all, we danced, drank maybe a little too much, laughed a lot, took way to many selfies, and had an awesome time. Oh, and the guys were a hit.

The party was definitely a success! And I can’t wait for the wedding, I was a little sad when I said good-bye to Katie realizing the next time I would see her would be DAYS before her wedding as opposed to WEEKS. It amazing that after so long, her big day is finally going to be here.