Ultimate Summer S’more Board

It’s time to step-up your s’more game, and I’ll tell you just how to do it with my ultimate summer s’more board. It’s the charcuterie board of s’mores and it’s only going up from here in the wow, mouth watering, #goals department. Don’t worry the only thing that doesn’t change is that delicious perfectly toasted marshmallow. So whether this is for a girl’s night, date night or low-key hang with the neighbors the way you eat s’mores is forever about to change – and you’re going to wow your guests in the process. Oh, and don’t forget the bubbles!
Ultimate Smores - the bee life (3)
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Chocolate Covered Bananas – The Recipe

I shared this recipe back with a few other dairy free desserts, and I finally got around to creating this delicious treat and it was SO EASY! Not only was it easy (took 10-minutes for prep and assembly) but it was affordable with a ballpark total of $10. You can really wow guests or impress your sig-o with this delicious yet healthy treat, plus it looks like it would be super time intensive.  Ok, now on to the good stuff…
Choc Covered Bananas - the recipe - the bee life
What You’ll Need:
– Banana’s (however many you’d like) – you don’t want them too ripe
– Baker’s Dark Chocolate (one pack covered 3-bananas for me)
– Pistachios; I bought pre-pealed for convenience!
– Sea Salt
– Tooth picks, foil and cookie tray
Choc Covered Bananas steps - the bee life
1. Prep! Cover a cookie tray with foil, un-peel and stick the ends of bananas like corn on the cob with the tooth picks, this makes it easier to grab for chocolate covering. (I had used kabob sticks and put them a bit too far into the banana, it wasn’t ideal for serving!) Next, prep your pistachios by crushing them with a rolling pin in a zip lock baggy, you probably only need a handful or two.  Finally, follow the instructions on the chocolate to heat up in the microwave until it’s nice and melted.
2. Once your chocolate is melted, start pouring chocolate with a spoon your bananas on the foil tray, make sure they’re nice & covered!
3. Top off with crushed pistachios and sprinkle with sea salt.
4. Throw in freezer for an hour or so. Make sure you thaw a bit before serving, slice up and enjoy!

This is the perfect summer treat with the right mix of salty and sweet!  It’s easy enough to whip up for those last minute gatherings or just to satisfy a mid-week sweet tooth!

Banana Bread – The Recipe

One thing I love about having bananas around the house is that if you don’t eat them up in time (which we never do) you can make banana bread!  My mom always made banana bread, and it wasn’t until I lived on my own for awhile, that I had these brown bananas staring at me, I finally took the jump to try mom’s recipe out (not as hard as I thought).

I wanted to share my mom’s banana bread recipe with all of you! It’s nothing special, but it sure as hell tastes good!  I like to add blueberries or chocolate chips  when I have them – it just gives the bread a little added taste, enjoy!

Banana Bread  Recipe - the bee life

You can combine the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients in two separate bowls and then ultimately combine to mix together.   You want to mix everything together until it’s well blended, add any extra ingredients like chocolate chips (I normally eyeball the amount) and give it another mix! Evenly pour into your greased bread pan, and then sprinkle your sugar and cinnamon on top (as much as you want!) To make sure the bread is cooked all the way through, after 45 minutes I usually take it out to check and stick tooth picks in to make sure the center isn’t gooey, if it is, I usually put back in for another 15 minutes and then check again.  I noticed that the blue berries required a little over an hour cook time (but I checked every 10-15 minutes to make sure it didn’t get too crispy). Let it cool, before you flip out of your bread pan onto a plate. Your house will smell amazing, and you will have this awesome and tasty treat for breakfast the whole next week!


Bon appétit!