Monday Challenge

After some last minute shopping this past weekend, one thing became VERY evident. There were very few happy or friendly people shopping… yes stores were packed and it was hard to maneuver, many people wouldn’t even look at you or say “excuse me” – no eye contact just moving around and pushing past one another, looking exhausted in line or annoyed with the rest of the world.  That isn’t very holly or jolly is it? Hardly.

Luckily I encountered two friendly folks over my weekend shopping, but only because I wasn’t afraid to make conversation or acknowledge them – it was refreshing to exchange kind words with a send off of “Merry Christmas!”
Merry Christmas - The Bee Life - emilyboylan.comI was reminded early in the Christmas season, that we are often discouraged to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in fear of offending someone or political affiliations.  But when you listen to any classic song Christmas and Christ are all over them .  So I have made it a point to say Merry Christmas as much as possible.

So here is my challenge to all of you, over the next four days; say Merry Christmas to as many people as you can, in passing, at the store, over social media – share the love! Even easier yet, just look at a stranger smile and say hello.

Hello and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday Reminders – Comfort

Being comfortable comes with a lot of positives and negatives.  Do you agree?

On the positive side, it takes us as human beings (some, not all) a while to get comfortable with a new school, new job, new friend or significant other, etc. It can take years! And finally once we are comfortable, what a relief and ease of potential stress or tension. With comfort your sense of being open and honest, and even trusting can grow and become stronger, which allows relationships and opportunities to grow and heightens your ability to learn. The only thing to fear is change in that comfort.

On the negative side, it’s some of those same positives that can get us into trouble.
In the workplace: The ability to be open and honest can sometimes get blurred on the edge of professional and personal, leading to an uncomfortable situation. We also might be more likely to over look a negative situation because finding a new job and going to the “first day” again is nerve racking and stressful, a pep talk to suck it up often does the trick. In a relationship: Even in a relationship being too honest with no filter can lead to hurt feelings, without intention – the same could go with not speaking up about certain things, sweeping things under the rug because it’s easier.  Or being too comfortable to the part where our self-image is overlooked also hurts too.  Falling into a pattern of not working out or motivating each other simply because your partner doesn’t, this will only cause tension in the long run.

I had a great opportunity last week to listen to the CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer speak about her experiences and career, and a comment she made struck a cord – I think because I know it to be true. She mentioned that a lot of the opportunities she had came at risk, whether it was joining Google when it was a start-up or leaving Google after 13-years to start a new venture… when we as humans are comfortable, we don’t always like taking a risk or we can’t afford too. But we can.  She also said that the ability to learn, opened her up to the idea of change and that change can be good. This really got me thinking about how change and being uncomfortable might be the best thing for us sometimes, even though it is something we often resist.

How will you push your boundaries of comfort today?