3 Outfits for 30!

Just like NYE, a fun sparkly outfit to celebrate your milestone birthday is a necessity! In addition to having some sparkle — having a few tasteful and fun themed t-shirts can help with the whole mood of the day. So after doing some online searching for some fun and subtle tees, I fell in love with two different ones. One that plays a little more on the sweet side and another that is a little more rugged especially if you’re not loving your new speed limit sign as much — which is exactly my two sentiments of this birthday sweet and sassy, and let’s just face it, me in general.
Check out to see the few different ways I styled these simple tees up for a nice dinner date or low-key day on the town — and why I love these pieces so much!

Original 1990 Pink Tee. I found this on Etsy and love that there are a variety of years to choose from, I’ll be snagging this for an upcoming 60th birthday celebration happening this summer for a very special lady. These shirts are SO soft and made of nice quality, have a variety of colors to pick from and also can have it be ‘original’ or ‘vintage’ with the year. I ordered a small and it fits great!

Straight Outta 1990 Tee. This was another shirt that once I saw it, I knew I needed to have. It has just the right amount of attitude and fun with a little edge — especially since I’ve been having a love/hate with this upcoming 30th birthday. Styled with jeans and some leopard flats it has a little rock n’ roll flair that I just love too.

Shop my pieces: Pink Original 1990 Tee | Straight Outta 1990 Tee | Sequin Skirt | Trouser Pants | Old Navy Jeans | Cheetah Flats from Target | Similar Katy Perry Heels | Similar Black Suede Heels from Target

Midi Sequin Skirt from Anthropologie. I snagged this gem during their winter sale (it’s still available and discounted by over 70%! It’s a classic piece to have for a fun occasion like this, to be dressy but still play it casual with either one of these tees I snagged. I also can’t wait to dress it up for some upcoming weddings this year!  I ordered a small (usually wear a size 8/10 jeans) and it fits well since I wear it higher on my waist.

High Waisted Trouser Pants. I first showed these in my Fall Amazon Fashion review and love the idea of these high waisted pants styled with the Original 1990 pink tee! Throw on some heels and blazer and you’ve got a classic, yet styled-up outfit for a birthday dinner out on the town and a bit more understated than the glitter skirt!

I also love both of these tees with my go-to Rockstar jeans from Old Navy especially since they’re high waisted and perfect for a tee tuck and either a fun pair of flats or some heels to dress up the entire look a bit.  Can’t wait to rock a few of these outfits this upcoming weekend celebrating the big 3-0!

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Weekend Recap – Dresses & Cake

This past weekend was a whirlwind, but boy was it fun.

Friday started with an early AM workout, even though I took the day off.  It was good to get the day kick started on the right track.  From there, made a quick Starbucks run and then home to take Moz for a walk with the neighbors.  It was 50’s and sunny, so it was perfect to get Moz out and tired before we hit the road! Just before one, we were on the road headed to Mom & Dad’s house for the weekend.  We arrived just in time for dinner!

Saturday, Mom and I got an early start to meet up with Kates to go dress shopping! We had three places lined up, so we had a full day ahead of us.  The first shop ended up being a dud. The second place, was a dud.  And finally the third place, I felt like we were getting somewhere, but still no real luck. But it was good to see what was out there and start figuring out what looked good as far as color and style.  My mom also got a feel for what style she might like. It wasn’t as successful as we had all hoped, but we definitely made progress! So after all the appointments were finished, we stopped for a drink and some snacks to detox from all the dresses.

That night, we had a little birthday party at my parents! Kates & Travis came over, along with my brother and sister-in-law.  We had pizza and salad, plenty of Moscato D’Asti and Champagne and of course homemade spice cake wit’s cream cheese frosting, YUM! We played some games and caught up with everyone, it was fun having my favorite people in one place.

I think it’s safe to say, that the birthday celebrating is officially over, but it was nice to do it with the family.  I can’t believe that was the last full weekend in March, this month has flown by. Here’s to another fun weekend full of friends and family!

XO –

Wednesday Reminders – Birthdays

Birthday 2017Who knew that at the age of three, I would photograph a photo that would summarize so many of my current feelings about birthdays, mean people, awkward situations and sometimes just life and adulting!

As another year of my life comes and goes, I am very reflective on my past years and how I’ve grown and changed through the years, especially of late.  I can’t say that I’m ever a fan of my age changing, but I have been a fan of changing with age. This next year of my life is definitely going to have some BIG milestones that I am so looking forward too, so not everything is too terrible with age. I’ve never liked getting old, but I hope in the next few years I become content with getting older.

This next year, I hope to be a bit more relaxed, get a bit more toned and have a hell of a lot of fun doing all of that.

Cheers to 27!