End of Summer – Bucket List

I know, I know, I hate to say it, but being the second day of August, Fall is quickly around the corner. And although we were fortunate to take 2-great vacations, there are still a lot of things I want to do! So to keep summer going, I’m sharing my end of summer bucket list to stay motivated and to soak up as much sun as possible!
Summer Bucket List - the bee life

  1. Patio date night:  This one is a two-part deal. I want B and I to have a night out on our new patio with our fire pit, a bottle of champagne, and just talk the night away. The second part would be going out and enjoying another intimate patio at a favorite restaurant with some cocktails and small plates.
  2. Enjoy downtown: Since we both work downtown, we don’t always make it back out, so planning a weekend night or Sunday afternoon perusing the city is a must.
  3. Watch the sunset at the beach: Easy enough and something we don’t nearly take advantage of being so close to the beaches.
  4. Take Moz on more walks: I don’t want our busy schedules to get in the way of getting Moz out for a walk!
  5. Go to a baseball game: Surprisingly we haven’t gotten to a ball game yet this summer, and it just isn’t summer without a stadium hot dog and the seventh inning stretch!  We’ve already made plans with friends to get to one.
  6. Lay out in the sun: My early summer tan is fading! And a good afternoon in the sunshine is always the perfect fix to any summer blues… or fading tans.
  7. Go golfing: With B of course! I’m not an avid golfer, but I always enjoy it, so a round of 9 holes would be fun.
  8. Kayaking: We went kayaking last summer and it was the perfect activity to jump start a weekend morning and enjoy the water.
  9. Weekend at the cabin: We’ve been so busy that this might end up being a fall activity, but it’s been a yearly tradition so we have to get back and turn off for a weekend.
  10. Finish some books: I’ve started a few books, that I need to finish! Even though I enjoy reading, unless I have dedicated travel time, reading is a forced thought. I need to finish, Big Little Lies, 16th Seduction and Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.

It’s already going to be a busy end to the summer, so I hope sprinkling in a few of these bucket list items will be fun and welcomed! What’s on your end of summer bucket list?

World Series – Game 7

I can’t believe I went to the World Series.

Last night was full of pinch me moments it was all so surreal. Knowing we had Game 7 tickets at the beginning of the series was exciting but also a bit daunting, hoping we would wrap it up before, but at the same time I had a feeling we’d be going.  The entire night will never be forgotten, but these were the highlights.

1 – Pregame Drinks at Azure:  Since we were with the aunties we had to go all out in style and of course grab some drinks at the rooftop bar.  The views of downtown and stadium were amazing, just when I thought I’d seen CLE from all angles, there are still more breathtaking views! B and I also got to met Richard Jefferson from the Cavs! He was so friendly and took a moment to say hi, shake our hands, ask our names and listen to us act like giddy school girls. It was a hopping spot, definitely will want to go back when it’s a bit less crowded.

2 – The National Anthem: Singing the National Anthem and God Bless America at the opening of Game 7 at the World Series was full of goosebumps and good feels.  It was a moment of unity in a sea of Indians and Cubs fans and it was amazing.

3 – Two Outs, No Problem: There were multiple times in the game where our boys got into a 2-out situation with no runners on base and in need of some RBIs. But it seemed like that was when we really thrived when the odds were stacked against us.

4 – Bottom of the Eighth: Two outs, down by 2-runs and Davis hits a homer bringing in 2-runs and tying up the game, 6-to-6.  That moment in the stadium was electric; it was what we had been waiting for, what we knew was going to happen. It was amazing.

5 – Being With Family: Even though the game didn’t turn out how we wanted, I wouldn’t have wanted to be at the game with anyone besides my aunts, B and the Pauls. My aunts are the reason why I came to Cleveland, why I came to love this city and why I now come to call it my home, and that all started with baseball games at the Jake.

Because we’re from Cleveland we are tough and we work hard, we break molds and challenge the norm.  This is one more moment in our history as a city that we will never forget, that was memorable and amazing all at the same time.

We will always, #RallyTogether!


Weekend Recap – Farms & Firsts

This past weekend has been a busy one, B and I have been little social bees.  It was fun, yet exhausting especially since I am still fighting my summer cold. But I must admit this past weekend has only gotten me more excited for this upcoming weekend – just you wait! Eeeek!

The weekend was officially kicked off with a baseball game Friday night with most of B’s family to celebrate his cousin’s 18th birthday!  It was a perfect night for a game, not to mention it was dollar dog night and Rat Pack fireworks.  And after the hellish end of my work Friday a few cold Miller Lite’s hit the spot.

Saturday morning started with a Girl’s Brunch at A’s house. It was the perfect morning catching up with the girls from my previous job, the girls that are so near and dear to me. Not to mention we were able to see her beautiful house and beautiful farm.  They have chickens, cows, pigs and sheep! It was fun walking around the farm and actually seeing so much of what A has told us about.  It was also great getting some girl time outside of the normal city-scape and quick lunch meet-ups.

Sunday was all about Miss Avery as we celebrated her FIRST birthday, the first of many!  It was a Minnie Mouse theme, with pink all over and it was adorably perfect.  This being my first, first birthday party in my adult life, I wasn’t sure what to expect – honestly I was hoping for a bounce house. Maybe there will be one at her 2nd birthday *smiles* She definitely pulled a diva moment with her smash cake and wanted nothing to do with it. But quickly shaped up in time to open her presents, that-a-girl. She got ridiculously spoiled with adorable outfits, stuffed animals and toys; which I admit we participated in. The summer has been moving quick, so it was good to see B’s family all under one roof.

IMG_5291It was a fun, busy weekend full of family and friends.  This week might be a bit torturous to get through, only because the excitement for Saturday is going to start increasing daily!  No telling. You’ll have to wait and see but I’ll give ya a hint, wedding.

Have a good week!

My Farewell to the Captain.

This past week, ended an era for me.

Since I was 10, I have been going to Yankee’s games every summer in order to see my favorite player, Derek Jeter… and the Yankees play. I have been very lucky and fortunate to have once in a lifetime opportunities with great seats, field access for batting practices, dugout suite seating and even going to both Yankee Stadiums.

I can’t explain why I am so fond of Derek Jeter, but ironically one word does come to mind and that’s Respect.

Derek Jeter has played this American pastime with integrity, loyalty, and the utmost respect for  the game and his team.  Derek has played for the Yankees for 19 years… 19 years! I can’t recall any baseball player, ever, in history of baseball who has played on one team his entire career.  He has stayed out of drama and the lime light, off of social media and on top of all of that, he has broken countless records.

Here is a run down of a few:

14 – All Star Games
12 – time MVP
1996 Rookie of the Year
3,408 hits to date
5 – World Series Rings

On top of all of that he is a stand-up guy, especially to his fans.  I have had a few close encounters with him and he responds and acknowledges very politely. Even this season he has been signing autographs before games at each of the stadiums for his fans.  I’ve been lucky enough to get his autograph twice, and he even handed me his sweaty-wrist band after a blow-out against the Indians in 2006. And then the occasional, “Hi, how are you doing tonight?” with the hat tip or a wave. (Because I am that person decked out in Jeter gear, yelling to him!)

There is another thing to be said about him. As much as you may hate the Yankees, for whatever reason, most people find it hard to hate Jeter.  I heard countless people at the games this past week saying just that, adding that they had to come see Derek Jeter play in person… one last time.

This past week, I was extremely sad, yet very happy and lucky to be able to go to all 4 games for the Indians vs. Yankees series.  It was bitter sweet. I have had so many unforgettable memories and great times watching Derek and the Yankees play – it’s been a yearly tradition for nearly 14 years, and it’s now sadly ending.

Derek is truly one of the best baseball players of our time, he is a stand-up role model. The game of baseball won’t be the same without him, at least not for awhile.

So, if I could say one last thing to Derek Jeter, although I would love to say many… one thing would be… Thank you.

xo -eb