Fitness Friday 07.18

I’m not sure about you guys, but the 4th of July holiday really whooped my butt! With it being on a Wednesday, I regrettably didn’t take any time off directly before or after – I figured a holiday in the middle of the week would be no biggie, if anything a nice way to break up the week.  Well it definitely broke up the week and then derailed it completely – day drinking on a warm summer day, leading to a Thursday night happy hour with family, only to still have one day of work to wrap up.  The food, fun, friends and family continued through what seemed like a 5-day weekend (with some work thrown in) and I was not only exhausted, but feeling super unhealthy after over indulging on delicious cocktails and tasty eats the entire time!! Ick!!
Fitness Friday 07.18 - the bee life
This past week was a rough start, but also a time to reset, recharged and get back into a healthy routine of balance.  I told B, Sunday afternoon we were going to be ‘detoxing’ this week – and I think my version of detoxing is probably different than many others and I’ll tell you how.  My detox isn’t a juice cleanse, it isn’t eating celery sticks for 4-straight days, it’s simply cutting out the crap and getting back on track.  No sweets, no alcohol, no chips/snacks, no candy and low-to-no carbs.  My detox is making healthy choices, picking veggies over chips, salads over cookies, and no bagels/bread/rice/heavy carbs.

For me, when I know the balance has been lost, it’s better for me to be a bit tougher on myself, keeping myself accountable than letting a few more things slip through the cracks.  I maintain plenty of that balance – but it’s getting back into the mental state of making those smart choices and saying ‘no’ to the ones we often want to say ‘yes’ too.

I fought many temptations at the office this week and stuck to my guns when it came back to getting back into my balance, waking up and running or getting to the gym and then maintaining those healthy food choices (cheated with some bubbles one night!) throughout the day of what I put in my body.  How do you get back on track? Have questions, or need help – leave a comment below!

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Friday Fitness 01.17

This year I have full intentions of focusing on being healthy – inside and out, because to me being healthy is being happy.  And being happy touches every single part of my life, but the part I am most concerned about is my life at home and being happy and content, being the best me.
healthy-2017Being healthy is more than eating right and working out, being healthy is pausing, turning off the noise, taking a few extra deep breaths, a break from ‘reality’ … from the office, it’s focusing time on the important things, the things that makes you whole and happy.

Here are some ways you can achieve healthy too! 

  1. See It – Broken record Bee again; but if you write it down and see it, you will be/do it. Write down those things that are important to you, the things you want to focus on or spend more time doing. Make it colorful, or write it on some nice paper and make it into art, post it in the bathroom or kitchen so you see it every day!
  2. Workout – For me, this is going to be boot camp. This is my workout that challenges me, makes me stronger, pushes me, and gets me into the shape I want to be and keeps me engaged and doesn’t make me bored. Set your workout goals and stick to them – but even before that figure out what works for YOU.
  3. Mental Breaks – Whether it’s the weekend or a 20-minute walk in the middle of the afternoon, take the mental breaks. Know when it’s time to stop and say time-out. Mental breaks could also include time with friends, family or your sig-o, laughing and sharing moments with these important people in life, can just be what the doctor ordered.
  4. Spa Day – This takes that mental break one step further. And helps with a mental and physical break. Taking care of your body inside and out is just as important as anything else on your list.  Be sure to take a break and plan these out so you won’t forget!
  5. Give Back – One thing B and I have talked about doing more of is volunteering and giving back, this is definitely something we are going to work and carve into our regularly scheduled lives – we definitely have a few afternoons to spare and help out those in need. Wanting to give back more? Look for local organizations or a local parish and reach out to see how you might be able to get involved!
  6. Time for Hobbies – This can tie into that mental break category, a great way to give that brain a break is to spend time on things you love to do. For me it’s scrap-booking, DIY-ing and writing. Even if it’s one Sunday a month, make time to spend an afternoon focusing on the things you love to do!
  7. Balance – Work to find your balance this year – whether it’s balancing your burger to salad ratio or life to work, start figuring out those stresses that trigger or conquer these battles in real time. Say no, say yes, or wait to decide. Writing these down and knowing possible feats ahead of time will help conquer them this year!

How will you achieve a healthy 2017?

Fitness Friday no. 16

So two weeks ago, I was feeling a bit discouraged with my fitness progress as I had quickly fallen into a slump, which seems to be the routine and pattern lately.  Not to mention some life changing events have gotten in the way, i.e. new job. New job, means new stresses, and new stresses (for me) means, no time, a messy house, eating junk food, not working out, breaking out, and being worried and sick to my stomach. Even just putting my 2-weeks in was stressful, and the weird limbo period you’re in while your still at your job, people seem to look at you different and treat you different. It was a weird thing! People who had been so friendly just the few days before they knew I was leaving. Strange, strange. Can anyone else relate?

The point I’m trying to make is, in those stressful, life changing moments, it’s hard to focus on ourselves and take care of ourselves, especially if we don’t realize we need it.  And everyday might not be a routine, more or less the routine becomes more of a roller-coaster. 14Here are my tips for those stressful/busy times and ways to take a moment for yourself, since it’s often really hard to just do that.

  1. Get a mani or pedi, or both! This is only an hour or so, of dedicated YOU time. It’s relaxing and a time to take care of yourself and it’s also something that can easily be pushed. So take the time and do it!
  2. Take a walk. Sometimes the most we can get in the day is a quick 15-30 minute walk, if that. So take the time in the middle of the day or right when you get home to go for a walk – having a dog is an extra excuse because you’re not just helping yourself, your getting your pooch some extra fitness time too!
  3. Let loose. In whatever way that means to you.  It might not necessarily be the healthiest, but it’s all about balance! So whether it be a night out with friends, sleeping in, head banging to your favorite song, staying up a little later than normal, or a day of partying (to celebrate the Cavs first NBA Championship) – it’s OK to let loose and have a little fun to distract from everything else going on in life.
  4. Just breathe. And remember that everything is going to work out. Change is scary, and if we were all OK with change then nothing would ever stay the same and nothing would be challenging for us.
  5. Sweat it out. Sometimes the best distraction is a kick ass workout or a long run, focusing in the moment on what’s trying to be accomplished and pushing your self physically through a challenge can be what your mind and body really need.

It’s all about balance. But first we need to realize that we need to take a moment and relax, breathe and take care of ourselves.

Cheers to Friday and a long weekend!