Meet the Bee

I’m a dreamer, working and living in my transplant city with hubby, B and our puggle, Moz.  Blogging about running and working out, social happenings, our “new” century home, and sometimes just life… all in the pursuit of achieving happiness. Self-defined as a Starbucks enthusiast, old soul, aspiring world traveler and big time dreamer. I’m just here sharing a piece of me in hopes to inspire, help, and connect with all of you.

You can never go wrong wearing, black
My social media splurge is, 
twitter and instagram 
I love me some;
Frank Sinatra
My favorite brand;
Target and Starbucks 
If I could go back in time I would love to hang out with FDR or F. Scott Fitzgerald… for completely different reasons.
I wish I could speak, French
Guiltiest pleasure, anything on Bravo
I love: Dogs
Favorite saying: “There is never a dull moment”
Dream job: Fitness instructor, I’d love to help people become better versions of themselves.
I wish I had more time too… work out and create things

Get more into the life of bee, and find me on twitter and instagram @mmariebee. You can also find The Bee Life on Pinterest!  I look forward to sharing this journey through life with you.

Thanks for stopping by!



3 thoughts on “Meet the Bee

  1. You should absolutely follow your dream of becoming a fitness instructor! I am a personal trainer and the greatest joy in my life is seeing how I help others improve their lives and become happier through exercise.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and inspiration! It’s definitely on my 5-year plan and I think of it often.

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