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My name is Em, but in these parts I go by Bee. I’m a dreamer, working and living in my transplant city with hubby, B and our puggle, Moz.  The Bee Life is a mix of all things that make me… well, me.  Covering off on my fitness and health journey, learnings and tips, DIY projects, social happenings, interior decor, travel and the occasional recipe and being authentic and honest while doing it.  Self-defined as a Starbucks enthusiast, old soul, aspiring world traveler and big time dreamer. I’m just here sharing a piece of me in hopes to inspire, help, or perhaps connect with one of you!

You can never go wrong wearing, black
My social media splurge is, 
twitter and instagram 
I love me some;
Frank Sinatra
My favorite brand;
Target and Starbucks 
If I could go back in time I would love to hang out with FDR or F. Scott Fitzgerald… for completely different reasons.
I wish I could speak, French
Guiltiest pleasure, anything on Bravo
I love: Dogs
Favorite saying: “There is never a dull moment”
Dream job: Fitness instructor, I’d love to help people become better versions of themselves.
I wish I had more time too… work out and create things

Get more into the life of bee, and find me on twitter and instagram @mmariebee. You can also find The Bee Life on Pinterest!  I look forward to sharing this journey through life with you.

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3 thoughts on “Meet the Bee

  1. You should absolutely follow your dream of becoming a fitness instructor! I am a personal trainer and the greatest joy in my life is seeing how I help others improve their lives and become happier through exercise.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and inspiration! It’s definitely on my 5-year plan and I think of it often.

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