2022 Reflections

2022 was a weird year. When I was first asked a word to describe it ‘subpar’ was my response – ironically that was B’s word too… at least we’re on the same page. πŸ™ƒ

This past year everyone was right back into it, whereas in 2021 people still seemed to hesitate in regards to the virus, 2022 was like all bets were off. It also felt like a lot of our core people in 2020 and 2021 had a lot of other plans and we weren’t a part of them… which was proven as I was sorting through pictures trying to find highlights from each month, that is totally fine, but it just felt a little lonelier and a conversation B and I both had and noticed throughout the course of the year. Not the worst thing, just something we noticed – and that’s just part of life.

We were lucky enough to take a few trips from Palm Springs in March to a getaway at the Cabin in the Woods x2 to Miami and even Colonial Williamsburg — I even made my way to St. Louis at the end of January! We definitely had many new adventures together, which is something I always love and cherish. In addition to our travels, we made and did our own little Summer bucket list which mostly consisted of dining out around our city at places we’ve never been or haven’t been in forever. B and I also enjoyed a lot of charcuterie boards, sushi nights, and evenings on our patio at home watching TV and playing Yahtzee. Another highlight for 2022 was that B and I attended our first and our second concerts in our 11 years together! What concerts you may ask? Elton John and Lady Gaga… pretty epic.

Another monumental highlight of 2022 was we finished our kitchen renovation! We finished in April and have been loving it ever since, we’ve hosted a few times and of course, had our own dance parties and cooking nights to ourselves. Our dining nook is also a new spot for us to sit and enjoy dinner together and recount our days and talk about the latest — even though we spend most of them together!

This year also involved a lot of personal growth, a lot of blah, and of course some stress — I found my voice in areas of my life that it (if you can believe it) hasn’t been so loud. I’m not completely sure what 2023 has to hold, I have a few things in mind, but for some reason, this year seems more unknown and eerie than others, but not necessarily in a good or bad way. Maybe this is just how life is for a while? Mediocre?

So long, 2022 – let’s see what 2023 is all about!

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