Planning The Perfect Dog Pawty

As much as I hate seeing my baby girl get older, I can’t help but embrace and spoil her more and more, especially on her birthday! We dabbled last year, creating the perfect Instagram moment and this year I decided to kick it up just a notch. Here’s how you can plan a simply adorable pawty for your favorite four-legged friend.

Create a photo worthy backdrop

This can be done really simply for your pooch – especially if you have a low rider like Moz. Make it simple for your pup, and plan for lower on a wall, fence or side of the garage so it’s easy for them to sit and pose! The easiest way is to grab a standard ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner to create your focal point. From there, you can add balloons, other banners, and decorations to help fill the space. Since Moz has a summer birthday, it can be pretty hot – so I created two this year, one inside with gold balloons and a simpler one outside! This Lets Pawty gold balloon set was too affordable not to pass up.

(FTR: I totally broke my own advice with the indoor set-up this year, but luckily it worked to grab a picture with Moz still!)

A Perfectly Themed Pawty

I’m absolutely obsessed with The Foggy Dog, a woman-owned, small biz out of San Fran. As soon as I saw their Lady Bow’s I had to have them for Moz. This started getting a gorgeous red velvet one for our Christmas card photos, and has turned into a seasonal obsession – so it’s no surprise as soon as I saw the pink sprinkle lady bow, I knew Moz needed for her birthday this year – and in turn became the inspiration for a pink and gold, sprinkle party!

Hooman & DOG-APPROVED Treats

This year, I decided to ask my super talented friend from Sweet Geebs to make hooman cookies to go with the theme of playing off Moz’s pink sprinkle lady bow. So if you can plan ahead, and get on your favorite sugar cookie baker’s schedule – I highly recommend it for another sweet and simple touch to bring your dog pawty together.

More importantly, we cannot forget to spoil our pups with some yummy, special treats! Moz always gets her birthday year in whip cream (because she is super spoiled from getting Starbucks pup cups). I really like this route, because itโ€™s a simple way to showcase your pups age, and it takes little prep, especially if you’re a hardworking dog mom without a ton of time.

Two other really easy treats that you can make your pup are these super simple, 3 ingredient frozen dog treats – also great to give your pups on a hot summer day to keep them cool and refreshed. If your pup has a winter birthday, or you have a little more time – I always recommend these 5-ingredient dog treats. These peanut butter pumpkin treats are a little more time intensive, but super great for your pup and you can always dress them up with some additional peanut butter as frosting on top! Honestly… sometimes we spoil Moz with all three!

The final details to bring your pup’s special day together are inviting their best furry friend over and of course a few presents! Moz was extra spoiled with a Birthday Themed Lamby (which is practically the size of Moz) and a crinkly colorful birthday cake toy, both linked and from Target! I also grabbed her some Bocce Bakery treats. Her fairy god aunties also got her a birthday cake toy!

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