House Tour: Bathroom Remodel

Are you ready to see our bathroom remodel? It’s finally time to share a tour of the transformed space – which honestly came out amazing – especially for B and I doing 80% of the work! This was part of our basement makeover and gives our basement a completely new livable space.
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The Layout. So, the layout was pretty important to us, and we had a good amount of space to work with so we wanted to use as much of it as possible, creating a cohesive space while also having a bit of a luxurious feel.  We knew we wanted to put a standup shower stall in the space with tiled walls and felt somewhat limited of where that could go – so that was always pretty set in stone.  From there it was figuring where to put the vanity, how big it should/could be and where to put the toilet.  Once we finalized on a layout, it was time to get down to work!

The Design. When picking out pieces for the space, I initially wanted to go down the blue route and get really great decorative floor tiles, a colored statement vanity and compliment with gold and whites — but I kept looking around and ended up wanting something a little more classic, so I stuck with white and found black and white decorative floor tiles.  Another reason I went the white route was because this is a basement room, and although it does have two great windows — I didn’t want it to feel dark so the floor pops while everything else is light and bright. The last part of the design was pulling in that resort like feel and one of our favorite spots to feel luxurious is Palm Springs, CA, plus PSP is full of bright colors so that was another way to layer onto the white base so a lot of the decorative pieces are desert inspired.
Bathroom(5) - the bee life
Easy Upgrades. Since we splurged a bit on the vanity (because I couldn’t find anything I really liked for a better price) a simple “upgrade” that we did was switching out the generic silver knobs that came with the vanity with some modern gold knobs to better tie into the sink faucet and the overhead vanity light.  A ten pack of knobs was $17.99 from Amazon – and I would recommend getting the larger pack because a few were imperfect, but ultimate pulled off a high end look for next to nothing.  Our shower wall also has gold pulled in with the brackets and the additional hardware we got for the towel ring, towel hooks and toilet paper roll (which were a hunt to find!)

The Shower! …is probably my favorite part of the bathroom, mainly because that was pretty much 100% us.  It was such an accomplishment to put all of that tile up, grout it and finish it – we spent some long hours but it was totally worth it and I love the floor to ceiling white subway tile.  Although it was the result of me throwing by back out – it’s definitely a show stopper especially once we got the glass wall up. Tile is even in the window so it serves as a shelf for soaps and other shower goodies and we tiled the ceiling with white penny tile to mix up the patterns a bit.
Bathroom(3) - the bee life
Shop our bathroom: Vanity | Vinyl Floor Tiles | Glass Shower Wall | Shower Base | Shower Tiles | Grout | Penny Ceiling TileMoen Shower Head | Sink Facet | Gold Knobs for Vanity | Hand Towel Ring | Toilet Paper Roll Holder | Gold Towel Hooks | Rug | Palm Springs Print + frame| Vanity Light 

Timeline. We started demoing and planning for this project about mid-January and didn’t really get working on it until February, then for the most part it was pretty consistent weekend work for a few months, we ultimately ended up finishing 80% of it in May – and then finally got the shower wall delivered and installed last.  We didn’t anticipate the amount of trips our plumber would be making so a lot of the early work was based around that progress/schedule – but once we got to a certain point there, it came down to us and it was go time!  Since we were working with a basement there were a few odd things we had to deal with and work around – so the prep work was definitely a bit more intense that we’d planned.

What’s left? Of course we still have a few little projects to wrap up – one is adding a backsplash over the vanity and the second is closing up the ceiling.  The door was another project that we did a little later on, but absolutely love how that turned out and in my post about the French Barn Door DIY, I shared how it took a bit longer than we hoped but we wanted to get it right.

But for now, we get to enjoy our bathroom retreat!

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