Easy Home Decor: One Banner, Three Ways

It’s no secret I love being festive for the various holidays that come throughout the year – and during the summer that is no exception, except I’m a little lazier and lean on the American flag to help get me through from Memorial Day to Fourth of July to Labor Day.  Last year I scored some discounted American flag banners and have had fun using them differently throughout the year to help mix-up my indoor and outdoor decor.

I wanted to share some inspiration on how you can use one banner three different ways throughout your home to help switch up your decor each year/holiday without needing to buy more pieces!  A banner and even a wreath is a classic piece that can be mixed up and hung in conventional and nonconventional places…

Front Porch: For some added red-white-blue love, I hung these banners across the front of our front porch railing. This is a little pop to accent our American flag and front door decor especially through our front landscape. Disclaimer – I do have two of these banners, so this is the only spot where I felt like one banner just didn’t cut it based on the length of the porch rail.

Door Decor: Using a banner on your front door is a foreign concept that seems to be becoming a bit more popular. I used this banner and wrapped the excess string around the sides of the door, which helped it stay secure and I hid the tape on the inside so you couldn’t see it passing by.  The red, white and blue banner was the perfect pop against our blue front door.


Mantle Accent: This might be my favorite spot, especially overtop the wooden Home Sweet Home sign.  Every time I hang garland from my mantle, I always ask myself why I don’t do it more often! Especially with the layering of the sign with the simple American flag banner – it’s perfect to an already great statement piece in our living room.  Dressing up natural statement pieces with seasonal decor makes it a great focal point for any living space.


So if you’re scrambling last minute to get some festive decor up for the upcoming holidays – don’t fret and dig deep into your existing decor to see how you can reuse some of your favorite pieces in different ways around your house!

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