House Tour: Basement Makeover Reveal

Last August we were game planning and getting ready to give our drab basement a little makeover to be more functional from a storage perspective, while also creating additional living space with a unfinished-finished room.  Our game plan for our basement (and some gross before pictures) started relatively simple and functional – I also had some ulterior motives to have the extra space prepped for B’s surprise party.  So from that perspective, I was trying to keep it simple and low budget – but that didn’t stick!
Basement Makeover - the bee life(2)

I shared an update on the basement makeover in April and how our plans started to change as we started to see the potential of the space and how awesome it all started coming together. Instead of repurposing our outdoor furniture in the offseason for the basement, we ended up splurging on some fun mid-century pieces from Value City Furniture these played into the industrial feel of the unfinished-finished space but also made it cozy and complete.

By painting the space white, including the floors the space immediately brightened up.  The exposed ceilings and our $60 DIY Shiplap Wall, helped maintain natural elements into the space and our century home roots.  Once we added the TV to the statement wall, it was game over, Ah-mah-zing! To help finish the space, we added bistro lights across the ceiling for additional lighting, while also having a floor lamp – that we spray painted gold – for an easier on-off. I also made a custom large canvas for the wall behind the couch with some lyrics from a favorite song from our wedding.
Basement Makeover - the bee life(1)Another key piece to making this a room, was creating that faux wall to block off the new storage area from this new living space.  What we did to create this space was hanging iron pipe and a large drop cloth curtain to break the space – it’s not the prettiest, but it’s functional and was about $80 to pull together and a lot easier and time savings that drywalling.  I’ve been trying to think of a fun way to dress up this side of the room, or even incorporating a bar into the space to fill that part in more.  If you have any suggestions – I’d love to hear them in the comments, below!  Eventually we’ll plan to make this an actual wall, but that has some time coming still.
Basement Makeover - the bee life(4)
We ended up buying a larger 8×10 outdoor rug for the base of the layered rugs, since it’s a basement and it’s a bit damp, I wanted something that could work in the elements – plus we shopped and got the rugs (linked below) at good discounts! Paired with the nice deep furniture and oversized ottoman, this space is the perfect weekend, movie watching spot with B.

Shop the room: $799.99 Parker Sofa Chair and Ottoman Set,$78 Pattern Stripe Outdoor Rug from Target$89.99 Cream Plush Shag Area Rug from TargetDIY $50 Trunk Side TableDIY $60 Shiplap Wall$32 Drop Cloth 9×12′ from Lowes, $9 Curtain Rings Set
Basement Makeover - the bee life(3)
We still have a few finishing touches that just didn’t get done before the party – and then the bathroom project started happening. *smiles*   Beyond the few finishing touches, this makeover has been a huge upgrade for us and just being able to have a secondary living space for company overflow, or even for the guys to watch the sports has been such a great option.  It’s even just nice for us to have a quiet space to watch movies, take a nap, or even cool down on a hot summer day.  And we still have plenty of basement storage!

Did I miss a detail? Have questions? Leave me a comment below!

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