Ultimate Summer S’more Board

It’s time to step-up your s’more game, and I’ll tell you just how to do it with my ultimate summer s’more board. It’s the charcuterie board of s’mores and it’s only going up from here in the wow, mouth watering, #goals department. Don’t worry the only thing that doesn’t change is that delicious perfectly toasted marshmallow. So whether this is for a girl’s night, date night or low-key hang with the neighbors the way you eat s’mores is forever about to change – and you’re going to wow your guests in the process. Oh, and don’t forget the bubbles!
Ultimate Smores - the bee life (3)
What You’ll Need:
– Marshmallow’s
– Honey Graham Crackers
– Chocolate Graham Crackers
– Assorted Chocolates; think Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Caramel, Reese Cups
– Chocolate Syrup
– Caramel Sauce
– Rainbow Sprinkles
– Fruit for Garnish
– Skewers
– Large plate or cutting board
– Small bowls
Ultimate Smores - the bee life (2)
1. Start with your focal point of the s’more – the mallow and place just off center on your large cutting board or platter.  Build around it by adding your graham cracker slices, these can be corner bumpers on your ultimate s’more board.
2. Unwrap chocolates, break-up and place around the board in different sections.
3. Add your chocolate syrup and caramel sauce into smaller bowls, warm up if desired.
4. Pour sprinkles into a small tray or dish, so you can dip s’more edges to cover with sprinkles.
5. Poke a few skewers with mallows on your board and garnish with fruits.
6. Serve to guests and toast mallows to your burnt or lightly toasted perfection, stack your s’more’s with your choice of chocolates and don’t be shy to try all the different flavors and combos.
7. Repeat, snack and enjoy!
Ultimate Smores - the bee life (1)
My personal fave was the plain toasted marshmallow in a classic graham cracker with sprinkles around the rim, YUM! The Lindt sea salt caramel chocolates we got which was also amazing and a fan favorite especially with some warm caramel sauce drizzled over the toasted s’more.  The Reese Cup was also just that little extra taste of yum that made a regular s’more next level.

bee (1)

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