My Week of Low-to-No Carbs.

CARBS. I love carbs. But carbs are also not so great for you – especially those traditional carbs like breads, granola, pasta, potatoes… I always try and eat as low carb as possible but I of course have my faults – a quick sandwich for lunch, toast for breakfast, the occasional pizza, granola bars so I wanted to cut out those quick easy fixes for a meal, especially since I haven’t been able to workout because of my back flair up.  My week of low-to-no carbs still included carbs, but not those empty carbs, I also kept my keto rules in mind for my eats! Here’s how it all went down…

Low Carb Week - the bee life(1)
My Three Rules. 
My three rules for the week that I stuck by were greens, meats and berries. Because I cut out a lot of easy go-to’s and snacks throughout the day I found myself fasting and eating way less vs. eating a snack-size bag of chips or grabbing granola for breakfast.  So I stuck to smaller portions of mixed nuts, drank lots of water and ate hearty lunches and dinners.

Lots of Salads. I had lots of salads, salads for lunch and salads for dinner.  Some I kept simple with tomatoes and cheese and other’s we dressed up with grilled shrimp, avocado, or taco meat for a taco salad!  A taco salad is a great way to skip the temptation of extra taco-themed carbs because all the good stuff are on your salad!

A Sweet Cheat or Two. I’ll admit it – I cheated! I made it until Wednesday before I broke and grab a cookie at the lunch table at work.  I then cheated AGAIN on Thursday with a donut at another work event.  But I stuck to carb-free breakfasts and ditched the Nature Valley granola bar breakfasts! So I was still really proud of how I stuck too it. Low Carb Week - the bee life(2)
Overall I felt better cutting out my usual carbs and even a little thinner, I was extremely conscious about what I ate – which helped and made me plan out my meals better including our dinners.  Although I did give into a few sweet temptations, I didn’t feel tempted with other cheats and it wasn’t that hard sticking to a more keto-esq diet for my week. I’m definitely going to continue this up, it also makes it easier since B also sticks pretty close to this same routine!

Try challenging your bad habits for 5-days and see what good you can do!

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