Life Lately – Living in Color

Three months ago I shared a Life Lately & Bee update and how I was dealing with some major seasonal depression. And I’m happy to report that life lately has been so much better – even dealing with back pain and not being able to workout.  Life lately has been so pretty with the spring time, flowers blooming, fresh grilled dinners, bright pops of color and lots of sunshine.
Life Lately - the bee life(1)
We’ve had a good mix of busy weekends and weekends when we haven’t had anything on the calendar – but somehow we’ve filled up our empty calendar days with projects around the house, walks with Moz, patio meals and naps on the back patio.  We’ve been getting the house ready for the summertime, with deep spring cleans, planting flowers and watching our peonies grow and bloom.

The busy weekends have been filled with friends and family. They’ve been filled with delicious meals, late nights, refreshing drinks and lot’s of catching up. They’ve been filled with cookouts, long drives, phone calls with friends and lots of pup snuggles and even some NBA finals.
Life Lately - the bee life(2)
Life lately has also involved planning for summer trips and even the holidays, filling up upcoming weekends but still making sure we’re crossing off all the things on our home to-do list.  And it’s also making sure we’re staying healthy, happy and staying in touch with those near and dear! Although I still have a few of those sticking points to deal with from the beginning of the year, my mind is in the right place and ready for a good second half of 2019!

bee (1)


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