Fitness Friday 06.19

It’s June! Which means it’s our half-way point in the year where we can check in on our fitness goals, reassess if we need too and prioritize our focus.

Normally about this time of the year, B and I are gearing up to start training for a half marathon. Unfortunately for us, we have yet to be registered for our next half.  Timing and dates with a few of the races we want to do aren’t lining up with other plans, so we are still on the hunt for a half to run this year!  But working out has taken a bit of a halt for me recently…
Fitness Friday 06.19 - the bee life
I’ve been down and out from the workout department that’s why I’ve been focusing more on my food because that is the one thing I can control at this moment.  I’ve shared that I was diagnosed with chronic back pain when I was 16 – so I’ve always lived with back pain and restrictions, well right after our 10-miler, I grouted our bathroom shower and effed up my back! Perhaps the worst it’s been ever, the entire month of May I was out for the count, and struggling through painful everyday interactions. Resulting in a doctor visit, and now following up with physical therapy – I am luckily feeling better with time, but reluctant to get back into the workout game.

So, now what? Well I’m going to ease my way back in, I haven’t worked out in over a month, so I need to get back into it slow so I don’t hurt myself again.  I’m also looking forward to my physical therapy appointment in the next few weeks, to see what comes from that and get into a bit more robust routine to continue my core strengthening.

Overall, my fitness goals are still on track I’ve just had a few extra road bumps to navigate around, but I’m still confident I can run more, work on my core strength for my back, continue eating less carbs (I’ll be sharing my week of no carbs – next week!) and get back into bootcamp after I ease my way back into running.

Here’s to going slow, and getting back into the workout game, while I continue to stay on top of my food game.

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