Latest Obsessions 05.19 – Desert Inspired Decor

With our bathroom remodel coming close to an official wrap – the final decor is coming into play and I’ve been having fun by adding in some desert flair, inspired by our trips out to Palm Springs. Which, btw totally has me in vacay mode dreaming of days by the pool and nights dining at trendy restaurants with delicious food (yes I’m watching flights).  So the goal has been to make our bathroom feel like a desert resort – pulling in the all the things we love about PSP.

What I especially love about PSP decor are all the pops of color paired with modern and simplistic lines.  Not to mention, gold!  Channeling some desert inspired decor has allowed our black and while foundation hold strong while building upon those simpler design picks.  And although we’re pulling ours into our bathroom, I couldn’t help but be inspired by some other Palm Springs inspired mod decor, both simple and bold.
Latest Obsessions - PSP - the bee life (2)
Easy Ways to Bring in Palm Springs to Your Decor:

Faux Plants & Succulents: A few years ago finding good faux plants was a bit hard without spending an arm and a leg – today, you can still spend an arm and a leg for a fun faux cactus (I almost did) – or you can get a little creative and pull in a variety of faux stems and plants into the space.  We ended up creating a fun statement and pop of color with these 40″ Monstera Leaf Stem from Target and 41″ Red Ginger Flower Stem from Target. We found the clean vase at Home Goods, but I was also hemming and hahing about the basket route.  I’ll also continue to pull in smaller faux plants throughout the space for more colors and lush feel, also since we don’t have a ton of natural light this is an easy way to bring a little life into the space.

Pops of Color with Wall Art: We were browsing the aisle’s of Michael’s over the weekend and much to my surprise found this perfect leaves green and pink sign with a gold frame, can you say perfect?! AND it was 50% off, done and done.  They also had this cactus sign with gold frame, but it felt a little muted compared to the pink one.  Within that collection they also had a ton of succulents – but I couldn’t decide one just one so I grabbed the pink leaves sign and ran! (Don’t worry… I’ll be back!)

Photography:  I turned to Etsy to find a unique print to bring in some fun nods to our bathroom.  At first I wanted vintage black and white photos that were a little provocative and bathroom appropriate – but then I also wanted to pull in bright colors with that resort/destination feel.  Well this was one where I let B decide after providing an array of options, he ended up picking this print of palm tree and mid-century home by TheLensAndI. Pairing in a black frame it’s the perfect accent and compliment to the space and takes us right to Palm Springs.
Latest Obsessions - PSP - the bee life (1)
I love pulling in inspiration from trips we’ve traveled and places we love into our on home decor even if it’s just a focus into one room because it’s a little piece of that trip memory.  Our sunroom has pictures of all our Jackson Hole trips, and this new retreat is a little taste of another place that has become near and dear to our hearts.

What have you been obsessing over?!

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Image Sources: Audrey Hepburn Blue Living Room by Kelly GolightlyPalm Springs Inspired Living Room featured on Domino

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