Birthday Reflections

Another wonderful year has come and gone, and I’m looking straight into the eyes of 28. Eek! So in order to celebrate and share, here is a hodgepodge of 28 things about me, things I learned about myself this past year and inspiration for my new year!
Here we go!!

  1. I will always love birthday cake.
  2. The Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie as a kid #rubyslippers
  3. Every year I would get a ‘Nancy’ cake and they were usually Disney princess themed growing up
  4. I love champagne, but it’s also one of the only alcoholic beverages that agrees with my stomach
  5. Hidden Talent: Dog Whisperer
  6. I am an avid scrapbooker and started in high school – I probably have about 10 and counting large 12×12 scrapbooks
  7. I hope to get more into interior design this year with projects beyond my own home
  8. When I golf, I only need 3-clubs: a driver, iron and putter and I’m not that bad
  9. Crafty especially in the homemade card department
  10. I prefer to cook without a recipe, but baking, recipe needed
  11. I have two godmother’s, but no godfather.
  12. This past year I learned I can go without eating pizza for months!
  13. I can recite The Wedding Singer, line for line, among many other movies…
  14. Dancing is one of my favorite things to do
  15. I’m really good at games; Scrabble, Cards, Connect 4, Wii Bowling (sitting), you name it… bring it on!
  16. Vanilla frosting, vanilla cake, rainbow sprinkles
  17. Fruit and desserts are two food groups I could live off of
  18. When I was little, I swallowed a plum pit, because I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to eat it!
  19. I have a super high pain threshold
  20. This past year I learned I am stronger than I think I am
  21. Pink and gold are my favorite colors
  22. Growing up my dream job was to be a CIA agent, like Sydney Bristow
  23. I love fast cars, like Lamborgini’s and Ferrari’s
  24. My Starbucks order started as a Carmel Frappuccino, I now order Red Eyes
  25. B and I were both characters from Wizard of Oz for Halloween, multiple years
  26. I don’t like going to the movies
  27. I wish I could’ve known my grandpa
  28. I dream of the mountains

It was really hard to think of 28-things because I didn’t want to overshare, but I also didn’t want to bore you! Did I miss something that you’re dying to know? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to answer!


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