Inside My Closet – Athletic Gear

Happy Friday! This is a hybrid Fitness Friday post, as I’m taking you into my closet to share with you some of my favorite athletic gear and outfits.  I’ve recently started spending a bit more time getting better athletic gear, since I’m wearing different outfits nearly 4-days a week. I used to have about two pairs of pants and a few sports bras that I would rotate for my 2-day workouts, but adding in those extra days and going to group classes makes you need more options!

The Sports Bra. I’m absolutely obsessed with the Victoria Secret sports bras.  The Crossback Sport Bra (see in 1 and 4) and the Long Line Plunge Sport Bra (seen in 2) are my absolute favorites, they’re so soft and comfy not to mention cute and a little sexy (especially the plunge bra)! Shirts with fun cut outs and low scoops make showing off your sports bra even more fun while your working out!

The Shirt/Tank. I’m all about a good loose tank while I’m working out. I primarily wear tights, so having the arms open to breathe during my boot camp workouts is key. Although I normally pick a simple tank, I like to mix it up with a tank sporting a motivational quote or mantra. Long-sleeves can help switch up the look depending on your workout vibe or good for a yoga class!

Add Color. Outfit no. 4 above, is my go-to workout outfit.  The Reebok tights are high-wasted and so comfortable, plus they add a flair of color and pattern.  The bright blues/greens with the bright orange sports bra really pop with my black tee which has a fun cut out back! Even in outfit no. 3 adding in the bright pink sports bra under the fun motivating neutral tank brightens up the look!

Signature Black Pieces. Tights. Tanks. Bras. These are a must in black and as you can see black is a signature in all my looks.  If you only pick one, then get great pair of black tights, mine are from 90 Degree by Reflex – they have fun cut outs and simple black styles which is good for your changing mood, not to mention super comfy and flattering.

The most important thing to do when you’re buying more pieces for your athletic wardrobe, is to be sure that you feel good and are comfortable! The last thing you want to worry about it pulling up your tights or fussing with your bra.  Splurging on some of those pieces will help you accomplish all of those!  Also, if you find pieces you like, buy multiples, because you know you’ll wear them!

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