Mom’s Chili – The Recipe

Looking for something easy and low-key to through in the crock-pot this weekend so you’re relaxing or getting things done around the house? Well have no fear, my mom’s chili recipe is here; with some of my modifications for any of you vegetarians out there.


What You’ll Need:
Ground beef (or turkey!) – 90% lean
– Half an onion – chopped
– 2 Cans of beans
– 1, 20-oz. can of tomato sauce
– 1, 20-oz. can of diced tomato
– Chili powder package or seasoning
– Other spices for flavor

 – Shredded cheese
– Sour cream
– Cilantro chopped
– Tostito’s scoops
– Cornbread

 – Cook the ground beef and onions on flat top until browned
– Put call canned ingredients in pot and add the cooked beef and onions.  Stir together, place on stove or in crockpot  on low and cook for next 2-hours (or longer).  Stir frequently.
– Serve in a big bowl with your favorite toppings

If you want to do a vegetarian route switch out the ground meat with some cooked mushrooms, you can also add some chickpeas to the mix to add some color to your chili! The toppings are also key, I recently discovered cilantro as a topping – it’s such a game changer!

Happy Fall Y’all!


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