Champions. History. Cleveland.


Our city was ELECTRIC last night!!! First NBA Championship to Cleveland, ever. First Championship won in over 52 years. First team to comeback down 3-1 in the finals.


I knew it since they made the finals that this was going to be the year they won. I felt it. Not growing up in Cleveland, I think I was able to truly believe since a lot of people wanted it, but were easy to heartbreak – and I’ve told them the entire time to think positive and not to say “if they win” but “when they win.” *smiles*

Last night was truly epic for Cleveland. A night that will be remembered not only in the history of Cleveland, but the history of basketball and the history of sports.

We had a watch party in my aunts backyard, which is how we’ve been watching most of the games. It was amazing, everyone was screaming and cheering, and even crying. A lot of us, just couldn’t believe it. We stayed up until 2AM – watching the footage on the sports channels and soaking it all in.

Wednesday is going to be another epic day for our city! Cannot wait for the parade.

Go Cavs!

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