Fitness Friday no. 15

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!! Today is especially awesome, since we woke up with a big win and are headed to game 7 for the NBA Finals. If you follow me on twitter, I am sure you’re already aware of that even if you’re not into the finals at all. With the high of a great win, I was reminded of a quote by LBJ, about failure and about succeeding and I thought it was the perfect sentiment for today’s FF and an update on my fitness journey.


So the last 2-weeks have sucked. I was on a really good rhythm of boot camp and then even “teaching” my own boot camp classes for some friends! We were doing it 2x a week with everyone depending on the other and coming together to workout as a group helped, although people have been getting busy and it just fell off. So I need to do a better job at initiating with the girls. So with all of that, I’ve fallen off these past two weeks, but I am buying more boot camp classes, so I am excited to get that going again -along with reaching out to the girls to get started again!

I think it’s the bad moments, and the good moments that help balance and keep me motivated and moving in the right direction to keep pushing myself, realizing I need to work harder, realizing I need to make it even more of a priority – , or realizing I love the feeling after busting through a hard workout, so needless to say, this slump is going to be ending immediately!

How do you use your failures to push you forward?

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