Fitness Friday no. 12

Finally! Friday.

Since I have been killing it at boot camp the last four weeks, I was reminded just how much I love group classes and why it’s easier to have success when you surround yourself with others who have similar goals, work ethic and drive like you do.Fitness Friday 12 - the bee life

Here are 5 reasons why you should be taking a group class in order to maximize your workouts.

  1. Healthy Competition. Whether you’re spinning on a bike or making the rounds in a circuit, that person next to you, whether you know them or not will push you. You don’t want to slack off when the person next to you is killing it. It’s human nature to want to compete and rise to the occasion, even if it’s in your head.
  2. Similar Lifestyles. One thing is for sure, you and your classmates have something in common, you show up to class. Surrounding yourself with like minded people makes you stronger.
  3. Routine. After a few classes you’ll know generally what to expect and who to expect, easing your nerves or hesitation of getting your workout in, and allowing you to focus more on the workout and less about everything else
  4. You’re In It Together. Everyone will be doing the same workout, maybe a few modifications here and there, but everyone is equal and working through the same pain, this builds a level of comradery and trust.
  5.  New Friendships. Class after class, and week after week you might find that you’re chatting with the same group of people and make a new friend that you probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. Maybe you hang out, outside of class, maybe not but at least you have someone to work with and continue to motivate you.

If you’ve ever gone to a group class you know what I am talking about. Surrounding yourself with positive vibes and motivated people, help make you stronger mentally and physically.  I didn’t truly realize how much I missed it, until I was back into it.

Why do you love group classes?

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