Throwback Thursday

Queue the ewwy-gooey-lovey-dovey post:

During this time of the year I tend to get a bit sentimental, as the end of this month and beginning of next highlight a time in my life, years ago that has forever changed me, when I met B. And last week rang some more nostalgia at a work event for B, since it had been the fifth year, and the first work event we were engaged at. Which channeled back to all the work events I’ve gone to with him, especially when we first started dating.  We’ve come a long way since the pictures below, but it’s funny how some of the events and people at the events don’t change much at all. 522093_10150796993775692_1208026736_n
I love looking back at these old photos as they symbolize and depict the foundation of what we have today – which I wouldn’t trade for the world!

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