Fitness Friday no. 10

It’s a Good Friday!

I feel like a broken record, but want to be honest with all of you – in hopes that maybe you’re experiencing the same struggles and that maybe we can help each other.  My fitness life has been less than exciting, my struggle with the life –> work –> workout balance is tough, mainly because of life! So I have not been as nearly successful as I would’ve hoped coming to an end of March, and nearing close to month four, April.  It’s frustrating because things aren’t getting less-busy and time isn’t slowing down waiting for me to catch-up. So I’m going to have to figure it out quickly.

Fitness Friday 10 - the bee life

Taking my own advice, I wanted to reset and focus on short-term goals, but instead of going 30-days out focusing a week at a time and PLAN AHEAD.  Asking myself, what can I accomplish this week?  If you’re like me, try doing this too to see if the immediate focus helps allow success. So to not bore all of you with my schedule, I am going to map this out and add reminders in my calendar phone and at work to make sure I am reminded and make the time to get the workouts in.  I am also hoping to start going to boot camp in the early morning, trying to be a little ambitious with my goals!

It all comes down to mind over matter, taking the extra time and making a <small> sacrifice to make a huge improvement that will benefit your mental and physical health. My motto lately when I am fighting that battle, is something is better than nothing (I just need to do a little more something!)



3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday no. 10

  1. I like your ideas of planning it out and actually putting fitness into your calendars! It is hard and overwhelming to think of the big picture and can be easy to fall off track if you don’t break it down. Good luck to you and thanks for the inspiration.

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