Weekend Recap

Let the busy and booked weekends commence!  This past weekend was the start of a series of busy weekends, because you can only be busy if you’re consistently busy week after week, right? Apparently…

We had a fun weekend visiting my parents, they had a little engagement party for us with everyone back home. It was great visiting, and seeing everyone because it’s always so piece-mailed throughout the year – or jammed into holiday celebrations with the masses.

Friday night we got into my parents a little after 7 – and enjoyed a haddock fish fry. My parent’s local fish fry’s is seriously one of THE BEST I’ve ever had. I still haven’t found anything comparable around us.

Saturday AM we woke up and enjoyed coffee and banana bread.  B and I then hit the country roads and clocked 5-miles.  We haven’t gone on a run together in a long time, and it was nice having him by my side again, we both pushed each other, having started off with the intent of running at least 4. It was nice running back where I grew up, and where I first started running – and it’s all viewed with a little different perspective now.

Saturday night was the engagement party! We had a taco bar and endless drinks. Kates and Travis were among the many guests, and it was great seeing and spending time with them! Although it’s never long enough. My brother and sister-in-law, aunt, cousins, Katie’s parents, and my second sister also came to celebrate.  We luckily only told the engagement story ONCE, because we made everyone gather around, before we had to open presents in front of everyone – practice for what’s to come I supposed (although, if I have it my way I won’t be doing that at any of my showers!!) The gifts were awesome, and unexpected it was so sweet to have extra love from everyone.

We of course stayed up way later than we would at home, so that loss of an hour really caught up to me yesterday! Hope everyone has a great week!

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