The First 30

In order to be successful with goals, it’s important to reflect and have normal check-in’s on your progress, this way we aren’t 4-months in and look back to realize we’ve completely lost sight of major goals and progress!

Goals - the bee life

Here’s a look back at my 30-day focus:

1. Limit the times we eat (dinners) out: I’d say we were very successful in this area. As far as the weekends go, we only broke twice and one was because we were with friends. As far as lunches go, I also did pretty well, I only grabbed lunch a handful of times and most of those were salads I made myself. I not only noticed a huge difference in energy and feeling better but also my wallet! We are definitely keeping this up!

With this came more consciousness of better eating and prep for all of my meals throughout the week.

2. Do Barre 5-times a week: 5x was a little ambitious. Three was my sweet spot over these last 30-days, and I’m happy about that. I got into a groove and looked forward to doing it either over lunch or after work.  Which is progress in and of itself! I’m going to keep this up, and stick to at least 3-days a week! I love the progress and how I’ve felt.

3. Walk Moz on the weekends: This is a win-win, exercise for me and Moz! This was a success, out of the 10 days of weekends, we had 7 walks. From snowy walks to 4o-degrees and sunny, just your typical Midwest winter.

4. No sweets: I think “no” should’ve been “limited” – this was pretty successful, I was tempted a few times to buy some cookies or chocolate for B and I after dinner but resisted, instead a few chocolate chips after dinner filled the void, if there really was a sweet tooth. But generally there wasn’t!

5. Limited alcohol intake: I’d say this was a success. If I had a drink during the week, I kept it to one. And if I did over the weekend I definitely didn’t over indulge. Being mindful of how much we consume is better than not having any gauge at all.

These past 30-days have been a manageable focus; and it’s been so important and helpful for me to get back into a groove.

So what have I learned? I learned that this is just the beginning and I still have a lot of work ahead of me. I’m happy with my progress, but I know I can step up the game and still have a long way to go into maintaining this healthier lifestyle. I’m going to maintain these focuses (and try to add a few more), but most importantly reflecting and centering around 30-days at a time.

Here’s to the first 30-days of change and progress and here’s to the next!


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