Fitness Friday – New Year Edition

Happy New Year!! I usually share with everyone my resolutions or goals for the new year – but I am going to switch it up this year and continue with more focused tips so that we’re all successful with our healthy goals always, but especially as we enter 2016.

Fitness Friday - New Year Edition -
Fitness Friday – New Year Edition –
  1. No More Fad Diets – Why?  Because you won’t last.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there before.  There is a difference between a lifestyle change and a fad diet, know what is good for you and what works with your eating habits, lifestyle and health.  For example, I need to make a more conscious effort of cutting dairy out since I’m lactose intolerant- lifestyle change, not a fad diet.
  2. Post-It On The Wall (Or Refrigerator); If you see your goals everyday, and what you’re striving to accomplish, you’ll be more likely to have success.  In college I used to have little signs posted on my wall that read, “No eating after 9pm” – “No soda!” – “Work Out!” – “One Sweet a Week” … etc. It really helped me get those notions and habits in my head and I actually followed my own rules.
  3. Focus on 30-Days; This was  a suggestion by the famous Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper, and I think it’s so smart and simple.  Instead of having grandiose plans for the entire year, focus on one month at a time. I received fitness classes for Christmas – but instead of using that up, I want to get into a rhythm before, since I’ll only have the fitness classes for 2-months – I want my healthy workout routine to last more than just 2-months out of the entire year!
  4. Cut Out The Sugar; Sugar drinks, coffees, soda, and sweets!  Once we have these sugars in our bodies, we only crave them more – so let’s start cutting them out!  This is going to be one of my 30-day focus items that I plan to in-bark on.

So now what? Pick a date to start your 30-day focus, I am thinking about starting January 4th or 9th. Next, pick out your items you want to focus on for those 30-days, start small if you’re starting from square one. For example; Exercise 2-3 days a week, no sweets during the week, no soda or eating after 9pm. Then, write your items and post them up where you’ll see them EVERY DAY; and begin.  I also found that writing my progress on a calendar helped me see my progress – where I struggled and where I had a really kicked ass. It might help you too!

Here’s to you and a healthy and happy new year!

3 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – New Year Edition

  1. This was such a great post! I’ll definitely be trying the 30 day focus. Particularly love the post it note idea, I think placing them around my room will really help motivate me 🙂 x

    1. @TheFitLittleLion – So happy you found this post helpful! Let me know how it works out for you (post-it’s and 30-day)- and good luck with your journey! I will be posting progress in the upcoming weeks.

      Thanks for visiting – Emily

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