Fitness Friday

This week’s Fitness Friday is all about partners. When you’re in need of some motivation, having someone there to encourage and push you is sometimes the best solution.

Fitness Friday – The Bee Life


1. Join a Group Class – I was always nervous to join group classes, it was intimidating to walk into a class where there was groups of girls or the regulars who knew everyone and what to expect.  I got over that quickly, because I loved my instructors and the motivation they gave to me, not to mention they helped me refine my technique.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over the nervousness or intimidation walking into a new place, but having tested the waters with a few different class types (spinning, boot camp, etc.) I’m a little more prepared and excited to have someone tell me exactly what to do!

2. Find a Running Buddy – Whether it’s a spouse, coworker, or friend, find someone who will want to stay on track as much as you do. I tend to run better because we push each other to run a little farther or faster when we’re slowing down. This is especially helpful when you’re running in a race.

3. Regular Check-In’s – In the same vein as finding a running buddy, having someone to have somewhat regular check-in’s, will help hold you accountable and encourage you to get that workout in you might be more inclined to skip for one reason or the other.  Being honest is the most important part if you want to have success.

4. Find Inspiration on Social – You may be surprised by how many free workouts and free motivation are available right on your Instagram feed.  Short videos show workouts for you to replicate at home in a comfortable setting and quotes can inspire you to kick butt on your workout that day. Here are a few of my favorites:
@alexajeanfitness – short workout videos and her healthy lifestyle
@harnesscycle – a local spot that sends out sweet motivation
@nickhounslow – a stud as seen on E!s Hollywood Cycle;

If you don’t have a strong support system, whether it’s at your gym or fitness class or at home or friends – it’s important to try and find some.  The more motivation you have and people checking in on you the more likely you’ll be to finish the workout.



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