Attic Update – 5 month check-in


A month ago we were just getting started with drywall but now the drywall is complete! Yes, all 40, 8-foot pieces were used up!  Although there were a decent amount of big pieces, there were also a lot of small random nooks and crannies and grooves.  I can’t say this enough, but B has been doing an amazing job, I know he is completely sick of working on the project – he has put in a lot of long days and nights! But it’s going to look incredible and is already looking awesome!

Since then the mudding has begun.  Which from what EVERYONE… yes, everyone says is the worst part.  So far, it hasn’t been too bad, but then again no sanding has taken place yet.  Which again, I’ve been told I’ll be finding dust in our kitchen 3-floors below, months from now! With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, I am not sure how many useful weekends we will have! But we do have a lot of PTO at the end of this month, so we hope to start painting before 2016!

The important part is that progress is being made! We can’t wait to get up there and start using that space!


2 thoughts on “Attic Update – 5 month check-in

  1. Hello there! What do you plan to do with your windows? I stumbled on your blog because I was looking for someone renovating an attic similar to mine.

    There’s this little thing I have with my windows. I’ve read somewhere that lighting is the most important aspect of creating room ambience. What do you intend to do with yours? Do you think my idea of having some Roman or Venetian blinds is bland for my attic?

    I can send photos if you need to evaluate what I mean! Thanks lots!

    1. Hi Bailey! We actually purchased 2-inch (venetian) blinds (foe-wood) for all of our windows, we have 3-front smaller windows and then two sets of larger windows on each side of the room, so there is A LOT of light (which we love). Although since we live in urban suburbs, our neighbors are very close and have one matching windows that’re mirrored, so we will most likely keep those closed most of the time. Otherwise we like to keep the space fairly open and bright in the day and darker/closed up at night. I imagine I’ll find some curtains but I usually lean towards sheer or close too sheer. I don’t think you could go wrong with either Roman or Venetian blinds – I lean towards Venetian because I like the option of having them half opened/closed or fully closed. Feel free to send pictures!

      Hope that helps and good luck!


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