Monday Reflections

My birthday is a week away and with that another milestone will be marked. I am a little silly when it comes to my birthday, but anyone else’s birthday is always something to celebrate and I love to spoil.  I mean I always love a good excuse to get dressed up and eat cake but at the same time as the numbers start increasing (and yes I know in theory, I am not old) I am not as much a fan.

I was trying to think of my ideal age that I would want to go back too.  It definitely wouldn’t be any high school related ages. It wouldn’t really be college either, maybe late college. But at the same time I look back to three years ago and I realize how far I’ve come and there is no doubt behind the saying “you learn with age.” I of course am excited about all of the opportunities, possibilities and adventures ahead, but can’t fight that Peter Pan syndrome.

Here is my game plan: cringe whenever someone asks how old I will be on my upcoming birthday, after said birthday will most likely forget by default how old I actually am and proceed to lie about it or just have to think really hard. Continue to work on convincing myself that age is just a number and try not to dread every birthday from here on out. Also, I know that I won’t get any sympathy from anyone, especially since most of my friends are all older than me!

Thanks for listening to my Monday nonsense.

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