Wednesday Reminders – Perspective

Lately there has been a lot of not so fun stuff happening, for a lot of people in my life and it really puts life into perspective.

It also leads to a lot of questions like… Why?
Or statements like… That’s not fair.

Sometimes things can easily be accepted by saying; “Everything happens for a reason.” But beyond the internal back and forth of reassuring and questioning, one thing is very evident, life and moments are so precious. That thing at work that might be stressing you out, or that petty fight you’re in with your friend, family or significant other, does it really matter? Do we really need to get all bent out of shape about small insignificant things, when there are much bigger things than ourselves happening? The answer is no.

So here is my challenge to all of you (myself included): do something nice for someone, even if it’s someone who you do something nice for everyday, go above and beyond. Write them a note, give them a compliment. Go apologize to that person you can’t get over a grudge with, be the bigger person. Smile today and be grateful.

My to do list for today

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